Monday, November 3, 2008

Quote of the Century!

"My goodness! When you have them that close together it's just like having twins!"


Ms. Robin said...

I'd love to hear YOUR comment on that "quote of all quotes" ! Ha ha...........or maybe NOT....Ha ha again!

It was SO good to see all of you at Church........I wish we could see you more often.

Those "darlings" look so "grown up" in these pictures!
I can't believe that they are already "graduates" of the 'one year' mile marker.......fastly approaching the "terrific twos" !
You noticed I said "terrific"....NOT "terrible".......There's NO WAY those "darlings" could ever fall into the 'terrible twos' category.
I love you all dearly....Don't ever forget how much.

Love & Hugs & Smiles ALL DAY LONG!
Ms. Robin

Dianne said...

Would you say that person who was the "quoter" wasn't the BRIGHTEST bulb in the family chandelier? or just not thinking...FUNNY!

Audrey looks like a confection in the pink...GORGEOUS baby. Their skin, their expressions are angelic. James is just Jon II! He's a clone, I tell you.

Happy Week to you all. Love & prayers offered.

Emily said...

Yeah, seriously. Are you CRAZY?!? Having two kids so close together? I mean, GEEZ!!! ;)

Meanwhile, my two little brothers, who do look a lot alike and do have the same birthday (but two years apart!), were always mistaken for twins. My older brother and I always liked to respond with, "Oh yeah, they're twins . . . we just don't feed the little one." THAT always got some fun responses - usually horrorified looks. And I think it got us in trouble with Mom when she overheard it.

I LOVE the shot with James' tongue stuck out. Too funny! And just like a brother to go and try to mess up a pretty picture with his sister! :)

Beth said...

Honestly, people are so crazy! LOL

They are just too cute! I can't believe we have still not got to "meet" them! Maybe we can fix that before too long!

cameron said...

oh I love Audrey's little dress, and James always has the funniest facial expressions. They are always dressed so cute. And I'm 5'7"... ish. I haven't been officially measured in a long time!

Becky said...

People have asked me if Syd and Aub were twins since they were 2 and 4...I guess this is the opposite of that absurdity!

Love these pictures!

su said...

My vote is an EmilyinBrazilish comment, "Yeah, they were born close together - 30 seconds apart! and they're both about the same size imagine that.

Kelly Spezzano said...


Certainly people aren't that oblivious, ARE THEY???