Friday, November 7, 2008

Don't worry. I found the pledge!

The title may have most of you scratching your heads so I'll explain. In an "email complaint" I sent my dear American-living-in-Brasil-friend earlier in the week, I listed some things that I needed to complain about and get off my chest so I could find my motivation again! I was having one of those days that I am sure ALL of you stay at home mothers can relate to! I'll share just a few "complaints" with y'all since the list I sent her was a little more than half a page long, with no spaces in between lines! By the way I can't tell you how much better I felt just writing everything down that was bugging me!

-Totally worn out from chasing babies till 7:30 at night by my self

-Sick of changing teething related poopie diapers 6 times a day

-Missing my husband(he's been pulling some late nights at our new house) and adult company
-Frustrated beyond belief because I cannot seem to keep my house clean or straight for more than 30 seconds; this is when I told her "I don't even know where my can of pledge is"!

But alas, I found it today so now my house smells all lemony and clean. Oaky, okay. I really knew all along where that can of pledge was but I was telling my self I didn't so I wouldn't have to dust! It's sad but true!
My physical part in the home renovations has been few and far between since we don't want to wear people out around here keeping the kids. We would like people not moan and roll their eyes every time they see our name come up on their caller-id! So Jon alone has been doing the bulk of the work these last two weeks. But I have been scouring the internet for paint colors, counter tops, carpet and other things. My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and niece and nephew are coming to stay the week next week and keep my chillins so I can devote a good three full days to the house! And my mom will be coming on that Friday so we can work all day Saturday and perhaps have a few people from church help us out. We hope to get a lot accomplished next week!
I told you yesterday that James can stand up at his leap frog table. Well when I went to get him up yesterday afternoon from his nap, I found him like this!

Last weekend James, Audrey and myself attended our first Mule Day here in our little town; population of perhaps 200 souls. There are approximately 65,000 people who attend this event every year. Yes you read that correctly. 65,000 people. It's a big deal, at least for people who like arts and crafts like myself. Jon had to park cars for his school so it was just me sporting the youngins and our double stroller through all those crowds. It was fun though and the twins really enjoyed seeing all the sights. We met up with some people from church to watch the parade of mules, horses, bands, beauty queens, old cars and Santa clause. I thought it was a little early for old saint nick but whatever. Audrey apparently agreed with me because she started screaming like a banshee when he walked by. I guess we will just be throwing her list to him this year! She was interested in everything else though. James started screaming when ever there was a loud noise. There were 4 school bands marching in the parade so I had to cover his ears while they went by. We were exhausted by the time we got back to the house and the kids were starving but I'm glad we went. Next year I'll have to leave the kids at home and take the stroller as a shopping buggy!
This week the weather has been georgous so we've gotten to spend lots of time outside. You know, you can fix most any problem a child has just by going out side!


Dianne said...

Morning, 'manda,

I can SMELL the lemony, oily scent of your newly found Pledge...even if it REALLY wasn't lost. lol

What an avalanche of folks to converge on your little town for MULE Days! Did you get syrup?

Love hearing your thoughts, Little Sister, on mama-ing, wife-ing, feeling a little teensy bit "left behind" when you are needed in several places. Cheer up, Sweet Child, reinforcements are ON THE WAY and that will free you up to participate in your home preparedness with Jon. Ain't family GRAND!

When you are freed up, I'd love to see some pics...before and after. Participate in this process with you all, if only virtually.

Love you so very much. Thank God for you and other young Christian mamas/wives who are on your page. I applaud you. You're doing a fantastic job of juggling all the responsibilities and doing it like a pro already!

Becky said...

Oh how I wish I could come take a turn so you could work on the house! The pictures just keep getting better and better. I love pictures in the fall...there's just something about the sunlight. Having two beautiful subjects helps, too. I love and miss.

Ms. Robin said...

My dear sweet Amanda Grace,
All of us "Veteran Mamas" can relate with your "list"........and it's OK to just spell it ALL out and write it ALL down! It's called "Mama Therapy" ! But from where I am observing, you are doing a fantastic job as a wife/Mama ! I think you have it all together. I'm with Dianne......we want to see pics 'before and after' all of these renovations. That way, we can visualize all the 'fun' you're having........and feel like we are a part of it too.
Take care......and keep that precious chin up! Things are gonna' be OK........I bet you're smiling RIGHT now! If not, just go hug one of the "darlings" doesn't matter which one.......just take a pick!.........guaranteed to turn an overwhelmed Mama's bewildered look into an instant SMILE !

I love you......bunches.

Ms. Robin

Dana said...

I love the video on your last post of them reading!! And I can completely relate to your frustrations. I buried my can of pledge out in the back yard so that I will NEVER find it again:) Atleast that is the conclusion you would draw if you saw my house right now!! I hope you get a ton of stuff done next week. I am so excited for you guys!

Emily said...

Sadly, I seem to have "lost" my mop. And I don't even have babies running around to blame it on . . .

Anonymous said...

Hey...I know just how you feel. Sarah will be 15 on February 25th and Kate just turned 11. Lee went on the road when Sarah was 3 months old. He was only home 6 days a month for 3 years. It was hard, but when I see what I have to do now "by myself" with the girls (Bro Big MO said when they are little they are on your shoe strings and when they are big, they are on your heart strings, boy was he right). Lee is still on the road (thank God he is home everyday, but is still gone every afternoon by 4pm, those days seem like a dream. I know some days seem like they won't end, but trust me...these days are the best days of your life. God is good and His grace is sufficient. Those babies are so sweet and precious. I could just take a "bite" out of those sweet faces.