Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birday!

Today is my sweetie pie's birthday and he is........don't worry honey, I won't tell them how old you are.......just that you were born on Thanksgiving day in 1981! I thought the fam would enjoy a walk down memory lane! So it looks like our little familia will be all well for our trip out to Mississippi for Thanksgiving. James is recuperating just fine; he likes to sleep A LOT when he is sick which is a-okay by me! Audrey is back in full force. She is always 100% and that steroid made her 300%. Wowza. For real y'all. For 2 days straight the child did nothing but scream, at the top of her lungs. Her reasons for screaming: just because she could, her brother tried to take her toy away, her brother looked at her, her brother started crawling in her direction, I told her no-no, or I took something away from her. Her reaction to everything (good or bad) was to scream. By Sunday James and I had had enough. Poor baby looked at me one time and put his hands up to his face and started crying! But thank goodness that is over with and she is back to her "normal" full force self!

James was the sweetest sick baby ever. He barely made a peep (probably because his throat was sore) and he just sat still watching t.v. most of the day. I have to admit that last week my kids watched an awful lot of that "idiot box" of ours but I'll make up for that these next 4 days since there is no television where we are a going tomorrow!
You know, when you are around someone all day every day it is difficult to see the changes that they make in appearance over time. But James and Audrey have gotten so big lately I can definitely see their changes this time. When we went to the doctor the first time last week, they weighed Audrey and she was almost 22 lbs. James must be the same or a little more so.......looks like they will get to ride forward facing for this trip! Never thought I'd see the day but here it is. Next thing I know they will be out of the car seat and I think I'll have to shed a few tears over that one. Audrey is taking more and more steps by her self and James has started walking around things. That is when he remembers to get off his tippy toes! Audrey will actually sit still for a story now and James is talking up a storm; I think he is going to have his mama's lisp. Poor baby.


su said...

What a wonderful surprise to check the journal and see MY beautiful child...As I told him today, he brought such joy, love and happiness the day he came into our lives, and he continues to this day. One of the best things he did was falling in love with such a thoughtful and loving wife..see, he does everything right. Then I look at those precious gifts James and Audrey...Wow..thanks Amanda Full of Grace. You rock.

Emily said...

Jon, I get the feeling that your spouse enjoys the fact that she is younger than you equally as much as mine does. Older AND wiser, I always say. ;) Regardless, happy birthday!

Amanda, remember you aren't too far behind us! Only days separate you 1982 babies from us 1981sies! (Tongue stuck out now for mature emphasis.)

Soooo looking forward to seeing y'all soon!

Dianne said...

What sweet transitions of years in those pictures. Jon's Mom and Dad were a gorgeous union and those genes are profoundly evident in THEIR offspring.

Your sharing the antics and angsts of raising twins is the best gift, 'manda. I love the blogs and ADORE the pictures.

So glad the chirren are both bouncing back from their illnesses and will be cheerful traveling companions...facing forward...for your holiday travel.

May God bless you all mightily with traveling graces.

We love you.

Ms. Robin said...

What sweet pictures! Jon was a 'cutie pie' just like James and Audrey.......Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you.......Much love and blessings......We have so many sweet blessings to count.

Ms. Robin

~sydney~ said...

ok so this may be a day late...but i checked the blog yesterday BEFORE u posted this! happy bir-day jon! can't wait to c u guys!