Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh Good Grief Charlie Brown!

First off I want to say what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had in the country with the Mozingo/McGee family! It was a long trip but well worth it and the children did pretty good most of the way there and back. It was wonderful to see everyone and there were so many who had never seen the twins so it was a real treat to be there. I certainly did not get worn out keeping track of them during the day, that's for sure! There were many, many helping hands and a few times I actually had to go "find" my babies!

So, on to the good grief part. Tuesday before we left, a rash appeared on James chest and back. I called the doctor's office and the nurse assured me that it was either a side effect from the amoxicilian or the strep rash which is quite common and not to worry. It would be fine. I took her word for it and we packed up and left early Wednesday morning. By Friday the rash was gone from his chest and back but it was all over his arms, face and legs. It looked horrible, just horrible and it was so hard to look at because you could only imagine how awful it felt. But he never acted as though it itched; the only time he had trouble was at night. We had 3 LONG, sleepless nights in Mississippi due to the fact that I was so paranoid that he would catch a chill and get sick all over again(we were staying in an old, country house) I dressed him in warm, snuggly pj's which now I realize only made it worse. Hind sight's 20/20 though, right?

I called 1st thing this morning and got them both an appointment at 10:45. Great. I had plenty of time to get us ready. I actually had time to spare and was thinking what a good job I was doing as I was strapping James in his seat. That feeling quickly disappeared as I went to open the door to the house and get Ms. Audrey only to find that my one year old daughter had LOCKED ME OUT!!!!!! Yes. You read that correctly. How did that happen you ask? Weeelllll, we live in a 1940's farm house and it has an old timey latch that you can flip over and it "bolts" the door shut. Apparently my daughter knows how to flip it over. Surprise!! As you can imagine I almost hit panic mode with my child being locked inside the house and all. And because you cannot get the door open when that latch is flipped unless you break the door down and can't y'all see me breaking a metal door down?! Thank the good Lord that my land lord was out here piddling around on the tractor. I ran out and told him that my daughter had locked me out and he jumped off the tractor and ran around the house till he found a window that was open. He popped the screen out and crawled through to rescue my little girl. I could see her the whole time and she was only in there for about 5 minutes but it was still a little nerve racking. I learned a valuable lesson this morning: Never, ever underestimate a child, especially one of ours!! I am just so thankful that I wasn't out here alone this morning and that nothing bad happened to my baby. Sheesh. Talk about talking a few years off your life.

Back to James and the rash. The doctor took one look at it and said "Oh that's definitely an allergic reaction. Let's take him off that medicine today." She told me I could give him benadryl which I have been doing since we got home and he's slept peacefully both nights! She also said it looks like he is over the strep so he wont need a different antibiotic. Audrey was there for a check up on her ears and she has another ear infection. So we are on a different antibiotic now, hoping this will clear it all up. I'm afeared that she'll have to have tubes put in, just like her dear, sweet mother! Only time will tell.
Oh and Audrey pooped in the tub tonight, again. This makes #3 for her!


Dianne said...

I tho't SURE you were leading up to chicken pox with the rash on James! That's another "growing" pain.

Sounds like a wonderful time you all had. Old, drafty homes ... makes me think of my Mama's home...drafty. We stayed close to the fireplace.

Glad your trip there and back were safe and enjoyed the getaway. I know you were sights for sore eyes to the homefolk when y'all arrived with the twins.

Happy, healthy holidays to you all.

~sydney~ said...

Audrey Grace!!! She is so crazy! I miss both of them so much! --and those adorable santa hats!

su said...

Wow, Dear Child. Good Grief..reminds me of the time Nenie and Bec locked Will in his carseat in the car, with the windows rolled up, in the summer, well, they were a panickin too. Even though he was just fine, it was quite an adventure. Always expect the unexpected, huh? I can only imagine how you felt. Also reminds me of the time our neighbor locked her toddler in the house with her outside, and as she watched the child dug into the dogfood on the floor! Thank goodness Ronnie was right there for her, and got it...just like Brother Dennie. God sends His Angels for sure.

Becky said...

Poor Nenie had nothing to do with that mishap, I'm afraid. That was all me. Poor Will. July, New Orleans, windows up, parked in the sun. Hate to one up, you, Amanda, but 'tis what it 'tis.

I miss those beautiful babies terribly! Why in the world didn't an allergic reaction occur to me? Glad he's better. Kiss them both a lot for me! Beautiful pictures of beautiful subjects, as usual.

Amanda said...

Wow! I will gladly let you have that one Becky(or is it aunt smartie pants?!)

Ms. Robin said...

My Dear Amanda Grace,
This SO reminds me of the time Bubba got locked in our car in his car seat in YOUR driveway! Do you remember this? You were pretty young....... We were talking to him through the window and trying to coax him to wiggle out of the car seat and unlock the door.........He kept saying, "CAN'T" !!!! So, finally, you came up with the brilliant idea of waving a popsicle outside the window to "bribe" him to hit the magic "unlock button"........still, "CAN't"!!!!
It was about 90 degrees, and my keys were in the ignition........You talking about happened that day. Anyway, you stayed there and talked to him through the window while I went to get Mr. Donnie's keys......... Just thought I would walk you down "memory lane" for a minute or two. I got back and unlocked the car.......and what did little Amanda Grace do? She gives Bubba his popsicle! (which he did NOT earn) that day PLUS another one that wasn't so melted.
The things our kids do! You are SO in store for "more adventures" to come.

Lots of love & hugs,
Ms. Robin