Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election day blues and cute babies

The darlings had to get the 2nd part of their flu shot yesterday and I figured since we're going to the big city we may as well go to the mall too, right? Right. So I invited a sister in the church to go with me and we had a wonderful time shopping and talking and laughing at the kids. It was so refreshing to have some adult company through out the day! I am so glad that I already had yesterday planned out because if I'd had to stay at home by myself yesterday and have nothing to think about but the election outcome, I might have drifted into a state of depression no one could talk me out of! At least we have victory in Jesus, right? Amen!!

James can stand up now by himself at their leap frog table and at their little(noisy) cars. This is a HUGE step for the little guy. Now all he needs to learn is to stand on the soles of his feet and not his tippy toes and it wont hurt so much! Audrey can now go from sitting to standing with out any help and has tried to take a few steps here and there. She can walk circles around any thing she is holding on to. She will definitely be walking by Thanksgiving!

As many of you already know, my babies LOVE to read! They are so cute and so serious about it I could sit and watch them read all day long. They both have very distinctive ways of talking and I honestly can't pick a favorite. I could gobble them both up at the same time!


Ms. Robin said...

I understood every word of it !
The "darlings" sure can read well!
Tell them that Ms. Robin loved the storytime..............

Lots of Love,
Ms. Robin

~sydney~ said...

How cute! She reads so well and hes talking so well! :) I miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne said...

Loved my visit with James and Audrey during story time. How sweet! I've always loved that someone loves to read. I have ALWAYS called that my favorite pasttime.

Election is over. I read an expression recently of politicians being a bunch of ants on a log rolling down the river...each one thinking they controlled the log... but God controls the river. He still reigns.

Glad you had a grown-up partner for the excursion. But, I could sit and listen to the twins' conversations for hours.

Beautemous children!

Becky said...

How dumb must I have looked to Bond Finseth (yes, that's his name) when he walked in the library to find me grinning and TALKING to my computer screen! James absolutely stole my heart in the beginning of that video. This post should come with a warning...cardiac patients should watch with caution!

Anonymous said...

Audry - I miss you and I want you and I love you. I'm glad you like my pink care bear. Matthew is glad James plays with the phone. Come to my house soon. We have a Frosty. HANNAH and MATTHEW

Ms. Robin said...

I can't tell you how many times I have watched this video.........I have re-watched the "beginning" of it SO many times.......just to see James' face virtually LIGHT UP the screen........and when HIS face lights up, MY face lights up! I just can't help it! He has a contagious smile! His eyes "talk".......Both of your children are just PRECIOUS ! I think I'll go "re-wind" again and sit here and SMILE !

Love you,
Ms. Robin