Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doctor, Doctor!!!!

I ended my week last week totally exhausted from working 2 1/2 days straight on our house.
I started my week this week with 2 sick babies. James has gotten better as the days have passed. Audrey is another story. Saturday morning they both woke up with runny noses but they seemed to feel pretty good. By Sunday afternoon Audrey would just sit in your lap and not want to move. Sunday night me and her were up every 2 hours. She was pitiful; she kept grabbing at her ear and she just could not get comfortable, except when I was holding her! I called the doctor Monday morning but they couldn't fit us in but we could come first thing Tuesday morning. A little frusturating but whatever.
Poor Audge would just crawl around whimpering and laying her head down where ever she felt like it. I didn't get one smile or laugh out of her all day which was hard to watch. Monday night was more of the same. Up every couple hours. Oh and Jon came in sick Monday but he got some medicine pronto and is all better today. Thank goodness!
Yesterday the 3 of us went to the doc in the freeeezing cold and found out that my poor baby girl's ear drum ruptured. When the doctor told me that, it took everything I had not to burst into tears. I felt horrible for her. Mine ruptured when I was in high school and I well remember the horrible pain and uncomfortableness that came with it. Atleast I could tell my mama what was wrong. My baby couldn't. (Oh the guilt we mothers are plagued with) She was given 3 different kinds of meds:a steroid for her barking cough, ear drops to numb the pain from her ruptured ear drum, and an antibiotic for her nasty cold. I got the first round in her as soon as we got home (it is so hard to have to put those drops in because her little ear hurts so bad, even to the touch and I have to do it twice a day) and by bed time I could tell a HUGE difference in the way she felt. And the angel was able to sleep all night and woke up feeling much better. She is still sick mind you; her nose is still running and she still whines some but over all she is on the road to a full recovery! Thank you God!
I know, I know. It's not even December yet and my kids are wearing santa hats and Christmas pj's. The hat is just to stinkin cute to wait 2 more weeks and the Christmas pj's are the snugliest that they have and it was soooo cold here last night.
So you're probably wondering how James is and what the doctor said about him and well, he was licking the doctor's hand while she was listening to his chest so I think he's gonna be just fine! Seriously though, she said to just keep on with the saline and using the humidifier at night. She didn't prescribe any medication.
By the way, keeping their germs to themselves is quite the challenge let me tell ya. They love to swap pappies and juice cups. And their new favorite activity is to stick their pointer finger in the other's mouth. They think it's funny for some reason!


su said...

So sorry, sweet Audrey. I wish babies didn't ever get sick. It's just not right.

Dianne said...

Ooooh, I experienced the ruptured ear drum and it hurts at the tho't. Poor babies endure so much that they can't express. But, Mama was paying attention and KNEW she was miserable.

Santa Claus hat is fine ANY old time. It covers her ears and keeps the air from hurting her. One piece jammies were the BEST thing for babies in the wintertime. Covered from neck to toes.

Well, the games have begun. I hope they manage to avoid anything worse than this.

I pray for you all daily.

'B' said...

Did you know you can warm the ear drops in a pan of warm water? They feel much better than cold drops. I can still remember the relief of the warm ear drops from the many earaches I had when I was little and all the times I was rocked in the night b/c my ears hurt!.

Becky said...

That hurts just to think about. So glad baby girl in on the mend. Can't wait 'til next week!

~sydney~ said...

Aw! I'm so glad they're better! Can't wait to see yall next week!

Ms. Robin said...

Tis' the be jolly...... sick..... etc.
This is so reminiscent of Amy, Shannon, and Bubba when they were babies! Especially, Shannon. I can't tell you how many times her eardrum burst! Probably 3 or 4 times! It is so hard to watch your little ones hurting, especially when they can't tell you all the details about it.
Amanda Grace, you are a wonderful little Mama to those precious babies. You are their "comfort zone". A sick baby is most comfy in the warm snuggle of Mama's arms wrapped around them. The best "medicine" for a sick baby (along with all the antibiotics and eardrops) is the tender love and nurturing that only a Mama can deliver......and you are doing it JUST RIGHT.

Give James and Audrey a BIG hug and kiss from all of us. We pray that they will both feel much better real soon.

Lots of Love,
Ms. Robin