Monday, March 24, 2008

Screechy GonzalesMy beautiful, darling, sweet, precious daughter. Audrey Grace. She has many delightful personality traits. She is a very happy child and has a smile that can light up a room! She has the most endearing laugh of a little girl that I have ever heard. She has LOTS of energy already and I am pretty sure that is one of the reasons why she trails behind her brother in the weight department. She has a beautiful complexion(compliments of her father!) and beautiful round, wide eyes. Audrey loves to touch things and see if she can get them into her mouth! She also LOVES to look at books and will actually look at each page carefully and kicks her feet when she is ready to turn the page. She makes the cutest little gurgling noises now when she is studying something like baby Einstein or her toys or when talking to the poster on the changing table as pictured below. For some reason she LOVES to stare at that thing and talk to it. I guess it makes her happy to know her parents will know what to do if she starts choking!
It seems that she discovers new things every day! Unfortunately her latest discovery is screeching. She screeches when she is happy. She screeches when she is sad. She screeches when she is angry. She screeched all through church yesterday morning, boy was that fun. Poor James got none of my attention because his little sissy was making to much racket and I had to find ways to entertain her to STOP THE SCREECHING!! Thank goodness he was such a good boy yesterday!

Last night she was screeching while I was trying to burp her and it just kept getting screechier and screechier. Jon looked at her, smiled, wrinkled his nose, squinted his eyes and in his best Big Mo (Bro. Lonnie Sr.) accent says "Could you adjust the squelch please little darlin?"


Emily said...

With any luck, she won't teach that sound to her brother, right? ;)

su said...

She really does light up the room with her smile.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry....once James realizes how much fun Audrey is having, he will also realize that it's even more fun to compete with her and show her that little boys are very capable of making the same noises, only LOUDER. They are also able to make noises that are completely impossible to imitate. Then they'll start screeching at each other as your're driving down the road until you have to go to your "happy place" before the blinding light behind your eyelids starts to obscure what's left of your vision after only 2-3 hours of consecutive sleep - and you will then begin to realize why those who are only a little older than us have difficulty hearing's because they too had to listen to little angels who discovered the joys of screeching competitions. And much does Audrey look like Hannah in that last picture?!?! Hope you get some sleep tonight....Love, Bets

Beth said...

ooooh, screeching sounds fun! Becca has learned how to blow bubbles and that is cute, unless you are in church. Thankfully, she has not gotten too much volume yet. Hopefully we will miss the screech.

Audrey is just precious. She looks so happy!

Have a great week!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Oh, I could just eat her up! I LOVE the first pic of her snoozin' in the highchair!

Becky said...

Great line, Jon, but just wait 'til she can come back with, "Shully, if I need your help, I'll ask for it."

Keep up the good work, Amanda. These two are more precious than words can say.

Nenie said...

Mannio, this is a good time to google Su's favorite poem---The Children's Hour by Henry Longfellow.
Love nenie.

Dianne said...


I am totally captivated by the beauty of this baby...both of them, gorgeous little people...Audrey just showcased here.

I enjoy the other comments left here. I was intrigued by "nenies'" suggestion of The Childrens Hour. Course I googled it, too. And, what an image came with those words written.

Your "blogsite", your sweet narratives, your photos are one of my favorite things to do.

Love you all, thanks so much for time spent here.

Dianne (-:

Amanda said...

Beck-I thought y'all would like the Big Mo line!!

Nenie-I googled the poem and loved it! You can always think of a good one for any circumstance!

Everyone else-thanks so much for all the sweet comments you always share about our beautiful children!