Friday, March 21, 2008

Little squirts
Yesterday while I was cleaning up their room and putting away the gazillions of clothes that they have, I had them sitting on the bed so they could watch me. I am trying to teach them early about keeping a tidy room! HA HA! Anyway they were in such a good mood and were talking to eachother so sweetly I had to stop and play with them for a bit. They don't keep their balance for very long, even propped up against a pillow, so they kept falling into eachother!

Audrey has always been a kicker. Even in the incubator at the hospital she would point her toes and kick her legs back and forth! Now I know what that child was doing inside of me for all those months! I believe she did some long term damage to some of my internal organs with those little feet of hers! She has started raising her legs and instead of kicking them in and out, she goes up and down. It is the funniest thing to watch. She looks like she is doing little leg lifts! No wonder the child is so trim and slim!

I need your hand Bubba

Slide down and lift. Man this is fun.

I like to let my sister do all the work

I need your bib Bubba

Come here Sissy, let me lick your hand

Wow he must love me!!


Bizz said...

OH MY! These are some of the sweetest pictures so far. Their darling smiles, sweet faces and your narration is priceless!

Kelly Spezzano said...

Oh, I just love the pics (esp. the last one)! I am glad they are getting over their colds!

Beth said...


They are just too precious! I wish you were closer, we could have a playdate!

Have a great weekend!


su said...

I love these pictures especially because they're so candid. Amanda, you're so good at capturing the moments.