Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello From the Frozen South

Well the big “Snowmageddon” has come and gone in the Southland and left us with no snow just lots of ice. And things are drip, drip, dripping today. It sounds like it’s raining outside there is so much ice melting everywhere! It’s supposed to be in the 50’s today and 75 by Saturday. It was just 30 degrees yesterday. The weather is such a girl.

Any way a lot has happened since I last posted and I will try to quickly sum it up:

1. My computer crashed on January 18th.

2. My computer was restored to full working capacity on the 28th. It was a long time.

3. I started potty training Olivia on the 24th and so far we are doing very well. As long as I remember to tell her to go potty every 15-20 min.

4. We started working a little on our “new” house on the 25th to get it ready to paint and are very excited about moving out there. It’s gonna be great!!

5. James came down with a stomach virus on the 27th and was out of school for two days with it. He was pretty pitiful that first day.

6. Jon was honored with another award for Teacher of the Year at the Chamber of Commerce's yearly supper on the 27th. I was supposed to be his date for the evening and was sorely disappointed that I had to miss out. But a mama’s got to do what a mama’s got to do so Audrey volunteered to go with him. It was sweet!!

7. We had a snow day on the 29th. It was really a ice day since all we got was a large dose of ice and it was also a drive mama batty day!!

8. I got lots and lots of packing done last week but totally dropped the ball this week because of the sick child and then the great “snow” day of 2014.

9. I realized sometime during the last 2 weeks that my camera was not actually on it’s full RAW setting and so I switched it over. I sat down one day this week to edit some pictures to blog with and found out    that the Lightroom 4 I currently have does not read the fancy shmancy RAW files on my fancy shmancy new camera so I need to upgrade to Lightroom 5. **SIGH** At least I don’t have to pay full price for the upgrade!! Maybe I will get around to doing that sometime soon.

10. I’ve started watching Downton Abbey again. From the beginning. Yes, I have a problem. We already discussed this. However, it’s at a much more leisurely pace this time. In fact, I was watching the first episode on it while packing my office when my computer just went off and wouldn’t come back on. I was really scared that Downton had indeed killed my computer and that my husband might indeed kill me for it but it was "just a glitch" in the "motherboard board” and I am still alive! The motherboard….I don’t know…it’s what the dude told me was wrong with it. I don’t pretend to be a computer nerd. THANK GOODNESS I paid a little extra for that Apple Care warranty. Apple had to send someone to my house to fix it. They ended up having to come 2x to actually get it right but at least I didn’t have to haul this ginormous thing around.

So for today, since I am freezing cold and have been for the last 2 months around here, I thought it would be nice to make everyone wish they were on a warm and sunny beach somewhere with sand in-between their toes, by sharing some of the pictures from our trip with the McDaniels over the Summer that I never got around to blogging about….


Sam and Nelda said...

Yeah! You're back! Thanks for the run down of January! Could you pack in any more???

And thanks for the tease! Awe... Come on summertime! (Love the pics)

Becky said...

the only thing better than being out for a 'snow' day with 3 kids is being out for 3 'snow' days with 4 kids!!!! I laugh just thinking about poor Em. So glad J is better. So sweet of A to go with her daddy. So proud of O for potty training excellence! Love. Gotta go make bleach reservations now.