Monday, January 13, 2014

Be careful for nothing

I am trying not to stress out. I am trying to be diligent and organized in my task of packing up this massive house before we start painting the little house next month. I am trying to focus on each day and what I can accomplish that day instead of always jumping ahead in my mind to “we have so many days to get this done” but the weekend really messed me up on that. We had church both mornings and then it seemed like one thing after another kept me from going back upstairs and finishing the attics. (Downton Abbey may have been one of those things...) So this morning I am feeling bogged down and wondering how in the world I am going to get all of this done. I have a dentist appointment later this morning so my morning is pretty much shot. Then James lost a part of one of his molars yesterday which is bizarre beyond words and I have scheduled him an appointment with his dentist for Thursday morning. So, Thursday is pretty much shot. That’s 1 1/2 days I’ve lost this week and it’s only 8:45 on Monday morning. Ahhhhh!!!! It will all get done in the end I know, I’m just concerned about “how” it will all get done! Perhaps if I wasn’t sitting down at the computer writing about my concerns I could be upstairs knocking a few more boxes out. And perhaps I should heed to the lesson from my husband yesterday in his sermon: BE CAREFUL FOR NOTHING; BUT IN EVERYTHING BY PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION WITH THANKSGIVING LET YOUR REQUEST BE MADE KNOWN UNTO GOD. I will admit that at the time I didn’t relate so closely to it (probably because it’s hard to really take something while you are constantly saying “shhhhhh” and enduring the constant gymnastics that a certain 2 year old tries to perform on top of you) but after sitting here blogging about my worries the verse came to mind. So, I will plunge ahead and be careful for nothing. It will all get done.


Becky said...

Don't be defeatist, dear. It's very middle-class.

Sam and Nelda said...

Rrrgggg where's my comment???
It said, "You can do it"!!!

Amanda said...

But Rebecca, it’s so dreadfully overwhelming at times. If only I had Carson and Mrs. Hughes to help.