Thursday, April 18, 2013

Look Who.....

Decided to play t-ball!!

A few weeks ago, shortly after I wrote that blog post about her not wanting to sweat, she randomly told me she might change her mind about playing t-ball. But she’d have to think about it while she slept and tell me in the morning. Ok.

So she decided that she did want to play and thankfully it was before registration ended! And the people at the rec dept were gracious enough to squeeze her in on her brother’s team so we wouldn’t have to play t-ball field mix up.

I was very skeptical about her playing (I know, I’m such a good mom!) but they had their 4 practices so far and their a scrimmage game tonight and despite these pictures of her in the outfield, she’s enjoying it. She’s so cute! She runs or really she does what I call ballet run where she points her toes out and bounces on the tips of them. It’s pretty funny to watch! Any way, she runs after that ball like no body’s business and even though she has yet to actually get one of them, she’s enjoying her self!! She’s a good hit and a fast runner even if she still does run with one fist closed and that arm bent at the elbow like she always has.

I’m glad she’s playing. Glad she’s trying something new.

Her bro acts like an old pro out there :)


Becky said...

YAY! I'm so proud of her! The softball/baseball years were some of my very favorites when ours were that age. Love and miss!

Sam and Nelda said...

It's ok if she runs like a ballerina. Love it!
A fun Spring thing for the family~