Friday, April 19, 2013

Field Day 2013

Our world is a crazy world to live in these days. At times it can be frightening. I choose to not get bogged down with it all so I hardly ever watch the news. Too depressing. All I need are highlights, not in depth details. I believe that is partly what is wrong with people these days, too many in depth details and they forget what really matters in life. 

This morning I was listening to a morning show on the radio (that was talking about the manhunt in Boston) after I had dropped off the twins and was taking O to the babysitter. I was suddenly overcome with a strong sense of thankfulness that the small little corner of our country that we call home was quiet and peaceable this morning. That I could go and enjoy my children’s first field day with them and forget about all the crazy, scary mess that’s happening right now. I know that our little corner might not always be quiet so today I am thanking the Lord above for the seemingly small blessings of our life at this time. I pray that my children and family never have to know the heartache that some families are experiencing right now. I pray so hard that my children would be able to grow up the way that I did, not having to give a second thought to their safety when going to the movies or running a race. But it’s really starting look like that’s all a part of the past. Is my childhood really part of “the good ol’ days” now? It makes my heart sad.

But and however, I choose to trust in the Lord and make the most of our happy and quiet and peaceable times. And to always be aware and thankful of those joyous times and not take a second for granted. It’s what people should do any way. Regardless of their circumstances in life or of the world.

So, I enjoyed James and Audrey’s field day today maybe a little more than I would have last week. It was incredibly fun to watch them and all their little friends having such a wonderful time, completely innocent and oblivious to the world around them. No body got their feelings hurt or got embarrassed. They were all so well behaved!! They all had a blast and so did all of us parents. It was overcast the entire time which of course made for great photos but also made for super happy kids. No whining that they were hot and tired!! Although, at the very end the clouds opened up and within 10 seconds we were ALL soaking wet. We rushed to one of the dug outs and all James could think about was weather or not they were gonna get to get their snack from the concession stand. Haha!! Bless him. Such innocence. And how thankful I am for it.


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Dani said...

I really, really liked this post (not in a liking the topic so much, as I think about this stuff too much, and you worded it so much better than I could)

And the pictures were great too!

Sam and Nelda said...

You need a column in the Cairo News.. Seriously!

Oh my goodness! You really caught some expressions on Jamesy! And the hopping ponytail!