Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Elevating MY Everyday

I am reading a book called “Elevate the Everyday” by Tracey Clark. I am really enjoying it and highly recommend it to any one that likes to take pictures. The things she teaches you to notice are things that I have been noticing about my children ever since they were born. But she has shown me a much broader way to look at them and is showing me a more in depth way to capture them. AND she has let me know that I am not some weirdo mom that likes to take pictures of feet and messy hair and of pictures that my children have drawn for me. Or of profiles or up close shots of my babies. I do have a creative mind and a certain eye for capturing those precious, fleeting moments in our children’s lives that can be considered unimportant but in fact are very important in the grand scheme of things. And she has helped me to see that it is a gift. Not just some trait that I have acquired or some weird way that I see things. And reading this book has made me 10,000 times more thankful that I have this blog to record not only my children’s lives but my life as their mother.

She was twirling. And I love how this shows how long her hair has gotten.

She was writing on this paper and then reading what she wrote


She was dancing. Her sweet little legs and feet were dancing.

This just happened. She looked directly at the camera at the right time. Probably wont be able to capture this again. And even though her face is grimy, she is just a kid. And I like how I am in the pic just enough to know that it’s me and that I was there. In her back ground. Like I hope I will always be.

I don’t have many words for this. Just kidding. I have thousands but will only share a few. I love how in this picture you can see how long a pretty Olivia’s eye lashes are. I love how she has her hand on my face because it shows how very loving she is. Especially towards me. I LOVE how it captured one of the holes where she is still missing 4 teeth! I kiss her a lot through out the day. I just can’t help myself. And even though this picture shows my weirdly freckled face, I love that I am in it.

This is Olivia Ray at her finest. She is just like her big sister and at any given point during a day you can find her tucked away somewhere reading a book. And she ADORES teddy bears. So this showcases two of her loves.

This is special to me because Audrey Grace ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS puts girly eye lashes on the things that she creates. From the time we started doing Starfall on the computer when they are about 2 1/2 making pumpkin print outs, she chooses the eyes with long lashes because she is a girl and every thing she makes are “girls.”


Sam and Nelda said...

I love how I have watched you blog and how your gift in writting and catching those special little nothings with the camera. Those that as you said "mean so much"...

Your captions are always so spot on...

Love your blog and love you!

Becky said...

welp, that made me cry. Perfectly done. as always.

Sam and Nelda said...
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