Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Tuesday of this week was the kids first field trip and boy were they excited! And boy did they have a good time!! The Pre-K classes from Whigham went to Quincy, FL to Rocky Comfort Farms and got to have their first ride on the big yellow bus. Like I said, they were pumped!!

When we pulled up to the “pumpkin patch” I saw a poor looking corn field off to the left with a large wooden picture of a pumpkin sticking out of it and no real pumpkins to be seen. My initial reaction was that this 1 hour ride was going to be a total bust. How can you go to a pumpkin patch if their are no pumpkins??

It turned out to be a very neat place and it happens that the poor looking corn field I saw was supposed to be the corn maze but something had destroyed it leaving these big empty holes in it during the middle of the night one night. When I heard that I thought about that movie Signs and really thought twice about taking the hay ride.

We made it through the hay ride with out any horror movie encounters (!) unless you consider this cows tongue some kind of creepy. Or just plain gross!!

We learned about cows and how their milk is made and what all you can make out of milk and how one milks a cow. The lady who was teaching them about it was hilarious with a capital H. She made no effort to use different words when speaking about cows um, private areas and of course it went right over the 4 and 5 year olds heads but us moms were having to hold back the snickers. And the lady kept forgetting to use her real name and kept calling her self “memaw” and the kids would just stare at her with blank faces until she said her real name. And watching and listening to her showing the kids how to milk that simulated cow was just too much!!!! Too much.

That’s James milking the “cow” and his best
buddy Welles is watching. Audrey wouldn’t
go near that “cow”

We also learned about pumpkins. How they grow, how many different varieties there are, what family they come from, how many different colors pumpkins can be, what ones you want to eat or not eat, which ones make the best pies and so on and so forth. 30 minutes she talked. 30 minutes. Now, it was all good info and the kids sat there the whole time and listened and answered all her questions right at the end but geez that was a long time. Well, I say they answered them right. She made this big chart with the 6 steps of growing a pumpkin and she quizzed them at the end and mixed up the steps with the numbers to see if they could get them and James shouted out “7” one time. Hilarious! Btw, we also learned that if it rains to much then the pumpkins don’t produce much. We have had a lot of rain around here lately, hence no real pumpkins in the patch. They had to be picked early.

We ate a picnic lunch and then the kids played and played. There was a giant slide that James went down twice with out thinking about it but Audrey had to be coaxed....

There was also a corn bin and the kids got to take home pumpkins and peacock feathers. That farm had something like 40 peacocks on it....

Audrey was not digging the farm, she acted so clingy and depressed and at
 first I thought it was just because I was there but at lunch 
when all the kids got back together I realized it was 
because she had been separated from her best buddy, Katelyn

Mrs. Ponder’s Pre-K class

Audrey and her best buddy, Katelyn!

My son. He is definitely going to be a class clown!


Nelda said...

Wonderful report on the Fall and first field trip!

They're totally not going to get anything over on James! AND..I've said it before, Jon Jr. (class clown)I'll never forget him hopping on Nene's coffee table for Sam and I!

Poor Audge! How dare they separate she and her bestie!!!

Nelda said...

why didn't I grt to go? sounds like more fun than a barrel of monkeys!!! Granddaddy

the ladner family said...

LOL about the cow ! That was priceless ! You got some great pictures as always. You better chaperone every field trip if he's anything like Jon! Haha double dose, double dose!

Becky said...

I'll just "like" Em's comment. She said what I was gonna say...

lydia said...

Looks like fun! I love your comment about Signs - - it's what I first thought of when you mentioned the sad-looking corn field!