Thursday, October 4, 2012


Within the last 2 months my husband has become obsessed (and I mean that in every sense of the word) with Squirrel hunting. Off.of.our.front.porch. Most of you (ok, all of 4 of you who still read this blog!) know we live in the city limits of our little town so he really is living on the edge. Even though he is using a BB gun, the kind you have to pump, I don’t think law enforcement would approve of his new habit....

Our yard and trees are overly populated with the little varmints and always have been. They have always gotten in Jon’s craw, especially when they eat all our pecans from a tree in the back yard. But just recently he had enough and decided to take action. First, he set a trap in the front yard using peanut butter as bait. I suggested extra crunchy and it actually worked! He has caught one squirrel and one opossum. The squirrel died behind bars since he got caught over a weekend we were out of town and you want to talk about STANK in our front yard. I am so sure the neighbors appreciated that.

He has gotten to be a pretty good shot and has killed over a dozen, with a few of them being left in the tree where they were shot. i.e One day Olivia and I were outside in the front yard and I noticed a vulture flying really low over our house. I didn’t really think any thing about it until I spotted 3 more. We walked into the back and I kid you not, I counted 11 vultures on the ground in my back yard with at least 10-15 more circling overhead. I knew it had something to do with those stupid squirrels and when I told Jon about it he sheepishly said “they must of been after that one that got left in the tree the other day.” Nice.

After about 2 weeks of Jon coming home every day after school and staying outside shooting squirrels until supper time and then going back out until it got dark, I really started to worry that something was wrong with him. Seriously, I thought he was using it as an outlet or something for a bigger problem. I texted his sister one afternoon and told her that her brother was obsessed with shooting squirrels and she just laughed and said “He always has been.” That made me feel a whole lot better. Then his mother told me his daddy does the same thing every morning so now it all makes sense. It’s genetic.

Good father/son bonding time!

 “He still has an acorn in his mouth, Amanda! Take a picture of it!”

p.s after reading this blog post I’m sure those of you who saw the post on facebook about Audrey wondering if we were eating Squirrel, well, I’m sure it’s 2x as funny now. Now you can see exactly WHY she would of thought it possible to be eating squirrel at our table :)


Becky said...

YOU READ MY MIND ABOUT AUDREY!!!!!!!!!!! Hilarious. Not sure it's hereditary, though...James is in TRAINING

Nelda said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!!
I'm smilin all over myself. Lol too.. Good for Jon! Just need to make sure the carcases are not on the property. The vultures are nasty~ Eeeewww!!!