Monday, October 29, 2012

Auntie and Uncle

This past weekend Jon’s brother Will and his wife Angela came to visit us! It was Angela’s first time to visit us at our house and Will’s first time in over 2 years so needless to say we all really enjoyed our weekend together!!

Angela is just a joy to have around and the kids love her so much. Especially Audrey and she will tell you just how much she loveeeees Aunt Angela! After a lazy morning of drinking coffee and spending some time on the front porch we went inside and the kids finally got to have their aunt and uncle all to themselves. Olivia was in desperate need of a morning nap so I put her down and Audrey kidnapped Angela and they went to her room to play. James kidnapped William and they went to his room to play lego’s. A little boys dream!! Will and Angela were so sweet...they stayed up stairs with them for over an hour.

When Olivia woke up we got ready and drove to our favorite little restaurant in Whigham to get the best hamburger you will ever put in your mouth at The Corner Cafe and then we went to the school and played on the playground for a while.

Then we went home where Olivia was ready for another nap and we settled in for a little football watching, lego playing, coloring afternoon. I have to brag on my kids a little and tell how well mannered they were the whole weekend. There were many times that us adults would get into a conversation and the children would sit patiently and listen and wait for their turn to talk and try once again to talk us into letting Will and Angela go back upstairs with them!!

I must say it was the best weekend. It was so relaxed and easy going and so much fun. James and Audrey really got a lot out of their time with Will and Angela. The twins are blessed with two other sets of wonderful aunts and uncles that love them very much but Will and Angela have a little bit of an edge on the others: they don’t have any kids so they can focus all their attention on their nieces and nephews!! My sister in law Emily and I have often joked that if Will and Angela are ever blessed to have children of their own, we are going to spoil them ROTTEN and fight over them. Reason being we have never really been able to do that with each other’s kids because we have always had our own to chase after and tend to. Harrison was really the only one who got extra special attention since he was the first!

Thanks again, Will and Angela, for taking the time to make the time to come see us.

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Becky said...

awwwww! That's so sweet! It really is fun being the aunt/uncle without children. I experienced that with my nieces and nephews for a few years. It's as much fun for Will and Angela as it is for your babies. What a special time in your lives! Not surprised AT ALL to hear that your children were well mannered. They didn't lick that up off the floor...