Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ernie’s 2nd Visit

Ernie came home with Audrey yesterday. Oh joy. He went straight in the dryer when he entered the door. Still trying not to freak about the car ride home.

Anyhoot, Audrey was beyond thrilled to bring Ernie home. Since his tumble in the dryer took a while she forgot about him till I brought him up at bed time. She remembered to bring him down this morning and he enjoyed watching her eat her birthday breakfast of french toast. She also remembered to bring him to the car so I didn’t have to pull a U-ie on the way to school again!

Olivia and I took cup cakes to James and Audrey’s class this afternoon for their birthday. I grabbed the trusty old “pocket” camera that I haven’t used in months because I knew breaking out the DSLR in that situation (class room full of 4/5 year olds + chasing Olivia trying to make sure she didn’t wreck the room or break her neck) could result in injury. However, since it hasn’t been used in months I didn’t even think to check it and make sure there was a memory card in it. There was not. I realize that life does go on if an event in my children’s lives is not documented by pictures. But I feel like I’ve committed some kind of mortal sin. Kinda like if I paid someone to make my kids birthday cakes!!

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Becky said...

I'll forgive you for the memory card mess-up since you surprised me with this cute post. Love!