Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wedding

On Thursday we packed up and headed out for New Orleans as soon as Jon got home from work and made it in about 10:00(11:00 EST). The occasion this time? Jon's baby brother Will was getting married!! It was a wonderful weekend to say the least. The weather was PERFECT, you forgot it was the middle of February. We got to meet all of Angela's family and hang with our own. Angela and Will had a very simple ceremony, the wedding party consisted of the two of them and Jon so there was no need to have a rehearsal but Mr. Ronnie and Ms. Susan hosted a supper for everyone in the bride and grooms honor. It was held in an apartment that they own downtown but is vacant at the moment. It was a lovely venue and my mother in law of course out did her self on the food. I'm wishing right now that I had a cup full of that gumbo and some bread pudding to wash it down with!

The wedding was set for 3:30 Saturday afternoon in the Botanical Gardens at City Park. It was a glorious day, no one could have dreamed of more perfect weather for such an occasion as a garden wedding in the middle of February after the winter we had!!

Conservatory at the Botanical Gardens. Isn't the view so pretty?

Hands down best money I've ever spent on clothes for these two!

Those hands behind her back just KILL me!

Beautiful cousins Isabella, Millie and Audrey!

Saying their vows

Don't think this one needs an explanation!

Mr. and Mrs. Mizell

He looks proud, doesn't he?!

Audrey fell asleep just as the ceremony was ending!

The Mizell family with our final addition. Grownup addition that is
and we are so happy and thankful to have Angela be a part of us. They
are perfect for each other! Love you guys.

We had to make everybody wait for the family pic so Mr. Man here could 
get his punch and at least not be crying in the pic! We lived on the edge that day....
the twins didn't have a nap before the wedding!

Stay tuned for more pictures!


the ladner family said...

Very poetic. I couldn't agree more! So that's what we were waiting on! J/k!

Becky said...

Well done! One of my all-time favorite pictures is that one of the girls...they look like 3 little teenagers posing! Great pictures, great post. Love and miss y'all so much!

Dianne said...

Saw these on Facebook, but, loved the narrative with these. Again, Audrey and James are heart-crunching in their "finery". James didn't look the least bit uncomfortable or unsure of his duds. And, Audrey... perfect coloring and doo-dads for the little princess. Will's wife is beautiful. I'm happy for him, for them, for you all...God is good.

susan said...

Amanda, all I can say is, YOU ROCK!! You captured the day so well with your thoughts and pictures- well done- add to your list of lovely talents which we love more and more everyday, and always will- and just a word to you of our appreciation, love and respect for you in your never-failing support of us all!

Sydney Sanders said...

Thought my comments saved a few days ago...but they didn't!

We had so much fun...and your children were so entertaining!

Glad I made the post! HA