Friday, February 11, 2011

Story Time

Not the story time you are thinking about. No. I mean 3 year old story time where you start making up stories about things to try and dodge the punishment bullet or the "I am so disappointed" speech for the fifteenmillionth time! As I was sitting in the living room trying to motivate myself to do something productive for the day (other than take a shower and get dressed) I heard an awful commotion coming from the kids room, something we are quite familiar with these days. It starts with James hollering at Audrey, Audrey bursting into tears followed by "HE PINCHED ME" and then sometimes James will start crying (when Audrey feels the need to retaliate).

Today the same scenario as described above happened and James started crying, really crying. So I called Audrey in to tell me what happened and this is how our conversation went:

Me: Audrey what happened?
Audrey: Uhhhh
Me: What did you do to James?
Audrey: Uh, my big baby hit him.
Me: Your big baby hit him?
Audrey: Uh-huh. She just got out her crib and hit him in the head. My big Cinderella baby did.

Trying my best to not crack up laughing at the huge, very inventive fib my 3 year old daughter had just told me I sent her to the corner and went to see about James. I found him trying to button his Buz Light Year jammies and wiping tears from his eyes. I asked him what happened and this is how that conversation went:

Me: Did Audrey hit you with her doll?
James: Yeah. I, I just started to pinch her.
Me: You started to? Did you pinch her?
James: Yeah.
Me: And that's why she hit you with her doll?
James: Yeah.
Me: Son, you have got to stop doing that.
James: Yeah, I know.


Sydney Sanders said...

That is absolutely hilarious! Good thing I wasn't there...I would've definitely laughed at those stories!

the ladner family said...

haha, been there, done that!

the ladner family said...

P.S. They are going to LOVE preschool!!!!

Dianne said...

Oh, my! What creative stories they configure in their little heads. How DO you keep a straight face... They should BOTH be very smart, inventive, students! Someone will have to race to keep up with their imaginations. Loved it, 'manda. Can see their faces as they related what happened.

Laura said...

That is too funny! When Ethan was that age, he could tell some good ones. But the only thing he'd ever lie about revolved around him getting some sort of dessert. When Lydia was babysitting for us, she'd baked cookies. He ate one before he was supposed to and rearranged the plate to make it look like he hadn't done anything wrong. It was always about some dessert!

su said...

I LOVE LOVE Audrey's answer I can just hear her saying my beg baby doll Cinderella did it.

Becky said...

yeah, I know