Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Makeup Syrup

The kids and I were laying in bed this morning and I asked them if they wanted pancakes. James said "Yes! With makeup syrup"! Makeup syrup? Audrey and I looked at each other and kinda laughed and before I could even begin to figure out what he was saying Audrey said "You mean Maple Syrup"!

We love Dr. Seuss in our house and Jon brought home a couple of books that we had not heard of that a student of his told him to check out. The Sneetches and The Lorax. The Lorax has kinda a sad ending and last night while Jon was reading to them during James' breathing treatment, Audrey got down and started following me around. She said she wasn't sure that she could hear the "Worlax" right now!!

Last Tuesday Audrey got sick and is just now getting better. Neither of us slept for a week which was pure torture. She had an ear infection which was the cause of the green goop in her eye (not pink eye like I thought and had Jon put some drops in her eye which made her scream like a raging banshee which caused the blood vessels around her eyes and up her forehead to burst!nice) and bronchitis which made her cough all.night.long. for 4 nights in a row. Monday night was the first night in a week, like I said, that we've slept all  night long. Jon also had bronchitis but got himself some prescription cough medicine and a z-pak so he was at least able to sleep at night and feel better much sooner than Audrey! Since she is allergic to penicillin the doctor gave her Omnicef, which unbeknownst to me, takes 72 hours to start working. Friday and Saturday were the worst days and nights of all, I've never seen my peachy so sick. It was a tough week for the Mizell's last week but we have survived! Now, if only James and I can dodge the really sick bullet. I did learn however that James and Audrey are totally different patients. I'm not sure if it's because James has been sick more times (many more times) than Audrey and he just knows that mama knows best or what but, Audrey is the most difficult patient ever. She wouldn't do or try anything I told her to or suggested to try and make her more comfortable. I did eventually convince her it was much better to be warm and fully clothed while you are sick so she has been wearing appropriate clothing for the last week now!!!

Audrey's work of art

James Bryant's


Becky said...

What a WONDERFUL post! James reminds me of Hughston with getting words confused...they get it from Papa:)

Dianne said...

Audrey's painting technique: Strokes across the canvas. Rich color. James': Tight, compact color. We play Pictionary with family occasionally. Me and my "girls" do that. We use the WHOLE dry erase board to draw our words...the guys use about 2" of the space to draw their clues. Funny. Hope yours and James' shield will continue to ward off the bug and EVERYbody will be well soon.

Sydney Sanders said...

Too funny! So glad that girl is the way, where did they get the easels? I want one!