Friday, February 25, 2011

More Wedding Pictures

There is just something about New Orleans. Once you visit you want to go back again and again. There is an energy in the city that just cannot be explained. I know it's my husband's birth place and we go there quite often to visit family and such, so, naturally I would become fond of it over the years. But even before Jon and I met, I always had an affection for New Orleans. I had only been there twice as a child but it was always special to me, for what ever reason. (I guess my heart's always been with Jon!) Well, this wedding was and will be forever I guess a perfect memory in my mind, as well as for many others I am sure!!! It was so laid back and easy going. No one was stressed or running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Even though a few mishaps happened there was nothing catastrophic. And the only tears that were shed were joyful ones. Looking at the pictures, to me, it seems like we took a step back in time for this event. A classic southern wedding, for sure. And I reckon the jazz music that is constantly playing in my mind every time I look at pictures from this most special day helps with making it feel so classic, so vintage. I wonder if (other than the bride and groom of course) I'm the only one who wants to go back and experience this day every weekend?!!

Hughston, James and Harrison. Doesn't James look so
happy to be taking this picture!!

Playing Cinderella. Really they were.
Mid dance Audrey exclaims "Oh no it's midnight! I must leave"
and turns and runs down the steps.
To which James replies "Wait, don't leave. I don't even know your name"

Other than the fact that Will has his eyes closed and James isn't happy,
I love this picture. Something about it makes me think it's in the 1950's.
Guess it's the clothes, especially Angela's dress and James suit!

I believe this was the time we were dancing and she says to me
"You can go watch me mom."

 Bless their hearts. They took swing dance lessons for this occasion
and Angela's dress wouldn't allow her to do it. I think they had fun anyway!
And I love her purple shoes(purple was the color for the wedding)!

Second line. Explanation? Sure, why not!!
Second lining in New Orleans is basically walking or dancing in an organized
line or parade that marches to the beat of the right New Orleans tune. 
An umbrella is usually carried (since second line started out being done only in funerals)
but white napkins can also be raised and waved while parading around. It's fun, you
should try it some time!!! 

At Mickey and Becky's wedding last Summer, we took a crazy cousins
picture and we did one here! Left to right:
Emily, Ryan, Sherri, Jeffrey, Will, Angela, Becky, Mickey, me, and Jon

I love the all the single ladies in the back!!

Thanks to my son who begged and begged for a craw fish off
the groom's cake ALL NIGHT LONG, all the kids waited
impatiently for their own craw fish, or corn, or potato when it was
finally time to cut the cake!! I think James ended up sampling everything
that was on the cake except for the actual cake part!!

Ballerina in the making!


Nenie said...

Oh,Mannio, I feel exactly the same; perfect day, perfect place, beautiful bride,beautiful groom and beautiful guests! I do wish we could experience it again. PERFECT!

Becky said...

as said it all, perfectly

Tara said...

It looks like ya'll had such a good time. So happy for the both of them. We got to meet her, when we were there in November and she seemed so sweet.

Dianne said...

The "Cat's Meow". That's fitting for your take on this wedding. I loved it ALL...your narrative as much as the photos. My heart CRUNCHED at Audrey & James' Cinderella play-acting. To DIE for! 'manda, you've got two award winners here. They're developing so MANY wonderful attributes with each passing day. You and Jon are MAJORLY blessed. That's not news to you, I know.

susan said...

Oh Amanda, thank you, thank you, for capturing the essence of the day so well. You can now consider yourself a true NOLA expert and honorary citizen- no resident could have described it better or with more love and affection. And yes, it was a dream wedding come true, and I so wish we could go back a week and do it again.
It was so wonderful to read your impressions, because from the minute they got engaged and began to plan the wedding, the theme was"we want it to be relaxed, no stress, we want our wedding to be fun- not real stiff and formal" I think they accomplished that!
Thanks again.

Sydney Sanders said...

Perfect words. That was such a fun weekend! Beautiful, beautiful.