Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Good Hope

We had a great time in Mississippi for the Good Hope Association. The Lord truly blessed and came down to meet with us at every service. The song services were especially blessed I felt like. There were a few that were so beautiful I just knew the Lord was about to come back! Jon and I left there with a renewed spirit and gladness in our hearts to be privileged to be a part of such a wonderful thing here on this earth: The Old Line Primitive Baptist Church!
Bella and Audrey playing in the sand. I think they are gonna be really good friends!
The 3 grandmothers Nenie, MaMaw and SuSu! We had so much delicious food at this meeting and at every meal time I said I wasn't gonna eat again. I didn't have any room left. But I'd find myself stuffing my face, again! I paid for it Saturday night, big time.
Audrey trying to score herself another one of those peanut butter cookies.

It worked!
We didn't stay for the afternoon services, I thought it was too much to ask of my 2 year olds.
This was their first Old Baptist Association and I must give them an A+ on conduct and all other categories. The only time they got stir crazy was Saturday night but who can blame them? After all, they were on their 8th sermon in 2 days!!! They love their family and they love going to church. What more could two parents ask for?!
I'll post pictures from their birthday party next time!


Becky said...

Beautifully recounted. They truly were two perfect angels throughout the meeting. I can't get over how well behaved they were the entire weekend! We miss them terribly and hope they have a wonderful second 2nd birthday!

su said...

My sentiments exactly

the ladner family said...

i had so much fun this weekend as well. They are growing up so fast. They r adorable and so well behaved!