Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Not much going on around here lately and for that I am thankful. Not feeling very creative today, probably because this dang cold keeps hovering around our household like James does the dining room table! So when I saw that this was gonna be my 250th post, I thought that would make a good title. Really can't believe there are 250 memories captured of my kiddos on here. There are a few good things about living in the 21st century!

Patiently waiting to be let out!
Watching t.v. in mama's bed. When did they get so old?
We go back to the neurogologist tomorrow afternoon for his 6th month "check-up". I am so excited to see what Dr. Ayala has to say about all the progress our little man has made!


~sydney~ said...

How fun! Can't believe you've already had 250 posts either!

Dianne said...

Reckon there's some sort of Award for best blogsites? Surely. I vote for you. 250 is a LOT of information and I've enjoyed every single syllable of every single word.