Friday, October 9, 2009

First 2nd Birthday Party

James and Audrey's birthday was on Friday while we were in Mississippi for the association. They share a birthday with lots of dear friends and one extra special family member, Sydney. Sydney turned 16 this year(hard to believe THAT) so we had to have a party in between church services on Friday! Aubrey(Sydney's sis)has recently found her special talent, making and decorating cakes. I asked her to make James and Audrey each a little cake and of course she did. She also made Sydney's.

Audrey's flip flop cake

Sydney's cake

James' tractor cake
Playing with the goodies that were in the back packs they got from SuSu and PaPaw

They had a great 2nd birthday and got lots of cool stuff. They were especially into the cakes this year. Well, I say they. I should really say James was into the cakes this year. I told them the day we were leaving to go out there, that Aubrey was making them each a cake for their birthday party at Aunt Becky's. Big mistake! The whole way there he talked about Aubrey and the cake. "Mommy, eat cake." "Mommy, Aubrey make cake." Mommy, cake Aubrey." Mommy, mommy mommy....... Good thing he was asleep when we got there or else we would of had to have the party right then. Wouldn't of mattered that it was 10:00 at night! He continued to talk about it periodically the next day but he wasn't as obsessed with it as before. But once we brought out the cakes that afternoon he was soooo excited! And he was all into blowing out the candles too. Audrey wasn't real sure what to do with it so James, being the kind big brother that he is, leaned over to her cake and blew out the candles!

We are having a birthday party for them here at our house tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have more funny tales to share with you next week!!


Dianne said...

Great shots, 'manda. You're right. Audrey's got game with cake decorating. Beautiful job! And, having James and Audrey be aware of their significant day...cakes, candles, family...makes it all the better. Glad you have the double celebration. Wonderful times.

su said...

So so sweet. I miss you all so much.

cameron said...

On Kelsie's 2nd birthday, I, being the good older sister, had to help her out with the candles too. Good thinkin' James.

Tara said...

I can't believe they are 2! The cakes were so cute, she did a great job!