Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Story Time
Look at that face! Who could resist it? Definitely not his old mama and his daddy is even a sucker for that contagious smile! We had the best time playing this morning. They really like their Bumbo seat now that they are trying to sit up on their own. James liked it so much this morning he decided he would enjoy a little literature whilest sitting like a big boy!

I just love this picture, it looks like he is reading the
newspaper sittin on the toilet!

He had a little trouble getting the book open on his own!

But once it was open he really liked the pictures

Trying to decide if he should get another or stick with the same one

Little Bit enjoyed her story time on her tummy!
She is getting so good at it!

We had another wonderful weekend, especially since my sister and her crew finally got everything from the croup to strep throat out of their systems and were able to come down. They have been trying for the last two months to come for a visit but seriously EVERY TIME they planned a trip, some body came down with something. The boys of course went fishing and us girls (plus James and Matthew) went shopping. I don't know how in the world we were able to actually buy anything. Going anywhere with 2 6 month olds, a 1 1/2 year old and a almost 4 year old is exhausting and will literally keep you on your toes. Hannah, bless her heart, wanted to talk to James and Audrey the whole time which of course meant while they were being pushed in the stroller, which of course meant that she was constantly getting her little toes rolled on, which of course meant she started to cry, which of course meant that we kept having to remind her "Hannah we told you you're gonna get run over if you don't watch out" which resulted in a laugh and more toes getting run over. She was so excited to be with them and every time she got in James' line of vision he would burst into a giggle which would make her stop and get right in front of the stroller to look at him which of course (you guessed it!) resulted in getting her little toes run over! And she was constantly wanting to hold them in the most inconvenient of places, like the bathroom at the mall, while we were walking through the mall, while we were riding in the van on the way home from the mall! We had a wonderful time y'all and hope you get to come back soon!


Emily said...

Ohmygosh! Could James' cheeks be any fatter?!? (Especially in that last picture where he is looking down!) Goodness, I want to pinch 'em and kiss 'em right through the computer screen! :)

the ladner family said...

oh my word they look so old! and it hasnt been that long since we have seen them. They look so interested in their books! how cute are they.

Becky said...

This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE POST YET!!!! They are so adorable reading their books! Tell them their favorite great aunt is a librarian. That'll make 'em love me!

su said...

I'm loving seeing our babies with their books. I used to hang out at the library just for fun, so I'm sure it's in the genes; what with their aunt, the librarian and Nenie always loved books. I know Brother Sam loves to read too. Maybe they need to start a Book Club with members in their age group.

Dana said...

How precious Amanda! You are doing such a wonderful job with those two. They just seem to be thriving in every way! My hats off to you and brother Jon! I am so thankful that God blessed you with children. You are in your element being their mother!

Kelly Spezzano said...

I love the cool chairs! I am definitely going to invest in one for Baby Spezzano! :)

The pics of James looking at his book are absolutely adorable!