Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Half Birthday Party and other happenings While we were at my mama's she had a "half-birthday" party for the twins. They were 6 months and 1 week old! It is something she has done for all the grand kids and is her way of doing something really special for them! The twins had pudding cups as their "cake" and didn't really know what to think about them.
James didn't want to touch the pudding "blob" so we tried to put his hands in it for him and this is what he thought about it.

I believe that face is saying "uh you guys, fire near a baby? Really?"

Audrey wasn't scared to get her hands in it and at first she didn't really like the taste of it in her mouth.........

Once she got accustomed to it she didn't mind it at all! Don't worry I didn't let her eat but only a couple of tiny tastes!

Nanny B even had them a present but James wasn't in to it. He is not into much these days. All he enjoys doing is eating and crying and sleeping (that is when he will STAY asleep!)

He was very interested in the design on Aunt Judy's tablecloth!

I am so very glad that I pushed through the exhaustion and crabbiness I was feeling last Thursday and stayed in Macon with my family. We had the best time just being together and laughing and joking with each other! Daddy was right, I wouldn't have gotten any sleep had I gone home and he and Nelda stayed with the twins that night and I got the BEST night's rest I have gotten in a LONG time! Thanks guys! We didn't go to church Thursday night though, the twins were just in no condition I didn't feel that it was fair to them to make them have to be out again around a lot of people and frankly I didn't feel like fighting with them. In fact they were so cranky Nelda stayed with me so I wouldn't have a break down!!

Uncle Frank was so elated to finally hold his "babies". He has seen them a few times but was always too nervous to hold them. He didn't want to be the one to give them some type of serious, life threatening illness. (for all of you who know unkie you should chuckle at those last remarks!)

Uncle Dan and Aunt Judy

Uncle Dan and Aunt Judy were so excited to finally get to see the twins out side of the hospital. They live in Macon about 5 miles from the Medical Center where they were born and were so good to see about me while Jon was away at work and so good to come and see the twins and let me use their old Ford pickup truck to toole back and forth to the hospital in (I still couldn't walk very far) and around town. I miss that old truck, as loud and HUGE as it was! And I am sure that the people at Starbucks miss me rolling up to the window, and ordering a Mocha Frappicino. You better believe I got some crazy looks! Seriously, I was so thankful for their generosity during that trying time!
Sorry for the long spaces between pictures on this post. It has taken the better part of an hour to finish this because James Bryant Mizell is mad me at for some reason and wants to do nothing but WHINE. I don't know why he is doing this. I have tried everything I know to do. He has been doing this since Saturday afternoon. He does fine at night (I shouldn't be complaining to much) but during the day he does nothing but whine which if left unattended for to long leads to getting very mad and screaming at the top of his lungs which makes it very very very hard to get ANYTHING accomplished during the day (Seriously, his cry can pierce your ear drums to their very core) which just frustrates me even more because it looks like the Tasmanian devil has taken up residence in our home!And he won't stay asleep in his bed, I guess he thinks I have nothing to do all day but hold him! Sorry son you are sadly mistaken! But I still love you and your goofy grin!


Rhonda said...

Amanda, your babies are beyond adorable! Viewing your blog brings sunshine & joy to my day. You have quite a gift of candid written expression! More often than not, I smile or laugh when I read your blog, but there have been a couple of posts that brought me to tears. I commend you for taking the time to do this for your little ones--it is truly priceless! It was wonderful to have your dad with us at Grace Church this past week. I wanted to visit you & the babies at Bro. Dan's, however, I found myself waiting on a repairman. I hope that I can catch you the next time you are in the area. Love to you and Bro. Jon.........Rhonda

su said...

I think James misses all the company when you think about all the bonding and attention he's gotten in the last couple of weeks. Send him on down and we'll be happy to take up where we left off.

the ladner family said...

those pictures are so cute! They look so big in that highchair! Have you checked James's gums? He might just be teething. If so get some baby orajel. That will help a lot. Then again he may just miss Auntie Em!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Rhonda, my daddy told me you loved to read the blog and I am so glad! Hated to miss seeing everyone at church but hopefully next time.....

Su, be expecting a package in the mail tomorrow! JK!!!

Em, I already tried the baby orajel and it just made him madder!! Thanks for the tip anyway!

Tara said...

The pudding cups for their 1/2 birthday's is such a cute and fun idea! James and Audrey are adorable and their getting so big!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I wish I'd read this sooner today....but I have a WHINNING boy myself. I think it's just boys...seriously. When Hannah gets upset, it's SO much easier to calm her down. But when Matthew gets upset, if you don't take care of it right away, he just gets MAD - and it takes 3 times as long to calm him back down. He's still like that. Sorry - I know that's the good news you wanted to hear....and I think boys have higher pitched screams than girls. Matthew can still bring tears to my eyes. Sometimes orajel makes their gums burn and itch....make some sprite or juice or plain water popsicles (or just buy some if you don't mind the sugar) and let James suck on them -see if that helps the whinning. If not, it's probably not his teeth....and if nothing else, it will probably keep him busy for at least a few minutes. Try playing the same music you played them when they were inside you....sometimes that helped Matthew. I finally gave up and help Matthew most of the time, and he eventually grew out of it. Hope you get some sleep!! Love you.....Bets