Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It is June, right?

**Note: Most of these pictures are of Olivia and her red neck swimming pool. Aka: the Coleman cooler! I am in the processing of cleaning up my hard drive as well as trying to organize files into folders in Lightroom and came across these and felt inspired to blog. So much for getting much else done tonight. Oh well.

Audrey Grace came down with Pneumonia over the weekend (no idea how that happened) so we had to skip out on our trip to Birmingham. Sad. And since Daddy will be spending the last 3 weeks of July in Africa, we probably wont make it up there any this Summer. Double sadness. But we have been able to get A LOT of things done around the house in preparation for -wait for it- an appointment we have this Friday to show our house. It could be our only shot so we are working hard. Well, at least Jon is out side. I can’t seem to get 2 things done in 5 hours thanks to 3 little whiny, needy patients.

Three. you say? Yes. Audrey, of course, but then there’s Olivia. Little Miss Ray Ray. She has an upper respiratory infection and a double ear infection. Not to mention she has 4 teeth pushing their sharp way through her little gums. Close your eyes and you can only imagine. But who’s the 3rd one, you say?

Master James. That’s who’s number tress.  Bless hims little heart but he cannot handle it when Audrey is sick. He cannot handle the attention that she gets from me and he doesn’t. He cannot handle that he has to entertain himself and so that just frustrates him even more which makes him even more jealous which makes him even HARDER to deal with. But to be honest, I don’t know who he is more jealous over. Me, Audrey or himself? Is it that he doesn’t want me to give any one else attention? Is it that he doesn’t want Audrey to do any thing but play with him? Lord, if I only could figure it/him out. He’s a hand full, that one. But his little face melts my heart almost every time. And so does his gentle, loving spirit when he’s not got his feather’s all ruffled.

We are supposed to be going on a camping trip to the beach with my sister and her family next week and I am keeping my fingers crossed that no one else contracts the big P!! That would be 2 vacay’s down the tubes. Arrrrgggg. Well, we always have the cooler....

I love learning new things. Especially when it makes my life easier. Something is wrong with the plug in from my Light room to Facebook so I was forced to figure out how to export and then find and then upload to FB. {Please no snickering} In doing that I figured out that I could do the same thing to my blog with out a plug-in and I guess that’s what inspired me to blog. I am sooooo slow in the technology department. But, I feel my self coming along. I hope.

Lets see, what other random things can I tell you? Ah, yes. Olivia got out of the tub tonight, pooped on the floor and got back in the tub. Can we say potty training time?!?!?!! Now, if I could only find someone to do it for me.....

My cousin (in-law) Aubrey Nell Sanders designed my snazzy new logo! I just love it. I am now looking to launch the portfolio building part of my business in late August, early September. I’m excited. Nervous as all get out, but excited still the same.

Missing being in Birmingham right now. Missing not being able to partake in the joys of the sweet summertime. Missing a huge chunk out of my wallet right now thanks to all the office visits, x-ray’s and prescriptions. Seriously I spent almost a week’s worth of vacation money in less than 4 hours for medical schtuff. But I am thankful to be able to see that the Lord always provides for our NEEDS and not our wants. We wanted to go to Birmingham. We wanted to do all the stuff we had planned for the week with granddaddy and Nonie. But Audrey needed medical care. And how very thankful I am that we had that money. Even if it was intended for something else. We are blessed!!


Sam and Nelda said...

Third try to comment from my phone...
WOW, did you ever get in the blog mood! As usual,
Much enjoyed the read, yet it left this Nonie teary eyed!

Becky said...

Can't wait to get sounds sooo appealing right now!!!