Monday, June 3, 2013

Disney 2013: Day Two

We made it back to the hotel Tuesday night a little before midnight and crashed. We were meeting our ticket friend at the gas station across from Hollywood Studios so she could get us free parking!! We were going to Hollywood to ride Toy Story and then hop back over to Magic Kingdom. I knew from mine and Jon’s trip there last May that the Toy Story ride would fill up quick and made it there as soon as we possibly could after the gates opened. But since we had to meet up, park, ride the tram, get a stroller, tell our friend goodbye and how much we appreciated all she had done for us and go the long way around the whole park to check it out (aka: the wrong way!) we made there about 9:45. The wait was already at 85 minutes long and the fast pass was all the way at 3:30. Gah. We did not want to make a trip back over there in the afternoon so we decided to tough it out in line. The wait ended up being way longer than they had posted and we ended up waiting close to 2 hours. I know. At one point I looked at my father in law and said “Do you feel like a fool?” With out hesitating he answered with a “Yes!!!” Haha!! It really was crazy, waiting that long, corralled in there like a herd of cattle. But, it was fun and the kids really enjoyed it! Olivia couldn’t take it though and fell asleep after pitching a little hissy fit. She woke up just before we got on the ride so hers was in a perfect mood!

After the ridiculously long wait at Toy Story, we stopped to eat lunch before heading back to Magic Kingdom. As soon as we got to MK, I had to run to the bathroom and on my way I found Snow White with out a line. I was frantic to find Audrey before the line filled up. But luckily SW wasn’t very popular at that hour and we didn’t have to wait. Olivia was hilarious, she just kept staring at her and didn’t want to leave. Later when her daddy asked her about seeing SW she said “Uh huh make up.” So the make up was what had her so enthralled. I was just glad that Audrey was interested in seeing her!

I’m not real sure at this point if it was then that we split up to take James to do the rocket ship or not but it’s what my pictures show is next so we will just go with it. It seemed like it took forever to finally start doing stuff on Wednesday but after we got back to MK close to 2 PM, we did not stop the rest of the day. Back to the point. James has been talking about going to space in a rocket ship for forever so when Jon saw these he knew he had to take him. I wanted to go too so SuSu and Paw Paw stepped up and took the girls. Not sure what all they did but I know they rode Dumbo. I digress. We took James to do the Rockets and when we got up there I started wishing I had stayed below. I don’t have a fear off heights, per say, but I do tend to freak for some reason if the ride extends out instead of straight up and down. Dumbo gets to me. I don’t like to move the control that makes you go higher. I don’t know. But I kept having to remind myself that I was 31 years old and if the 5 year old was cool with it, I should be too. I was the only and I do mean only rocket ship that did not move during the ride. I stayed on the bottom while all the other’s went up and down. There were a lot of people laughing that were waiting in line. Glad I could amuse them for the time.

When we got out of there I wanted to take James to do the Buz Light year thingy. We thought it was one of those simulated rides and Jon can’t handle those (see I’m not the only baby!) so just me and James ran over there. We lucked out because as soon as we got in line a lady came up and gave us her fast passes so we were on and off in less than 15 min!! It was not simulated and you could make it spin if you wanted to so Jon could of come :( Oh well. It was a good mother/son bonding time!

Oh yes, now I remember. The grandparents and girls also went to ride the carousel and were currently trying to tame the 2 year old that had a melt down because she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t just stay on her horse and keep riding!! We met them at the wishing well. Aren’t they cute?

At this point I realized we had not yet taken a group shot so we stopped in front of the castle.

I love how Mr. Ronnie is the only one looking and smiling!

I am done for the night. Check back tomorrow for more!!


Sam and Nelda said...

Your description is so good, I feel like I was there!! Granddaddy

susan said...

My goodness Chick a Dee- you have a wonderful memory! Lots of details- amazing! Brings it all back and love it- thank you.

Becky said...

I want to go to Disney with y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!