Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disney: Day Two Continued

After the wishing pool and Audrey’s purchase in Castle Couture (which took FOREVER) we headed over to Adventureland to ride Pirates again. James wanted to ride with me since I didn’t ride the day before. And might I say that it is very hard to get a picture at Disney with out someone photo bombing it? And in this case there are two....

Olivia fell asleep while SuSu and Paw went to sit in the Tiki Room so while we were waiting on her to wake up, we crossed over into Frontier land to see what we could see and we ran into Clara Bell Cow, Brier Rabbit and the cast of The Country Bear Jamboree!! We also caught (what I like to call) a Disney Flash Mob and even got to participate!

We went to find the rents and Tookie Baby was still asleep on her grandmother’s lap but got woken up soon after we walked up because it came a flood (how country was that?!) and we had to run for cover. It didn’t rain for to long but during that time Olivia played in some nasTy water and the twins and SuSu played a game where SuSU would sing some theme of a Disney movie and they had to guess what movie it was. They giggled a lot during that time!! 

After the rain, we hopped the boat for the Jungle Cruise. That was a big hit, of course. Olivia is still talking about the hippos and the baby elephants taking a bath. And James is still talking about Steve the head hunter that cut off all the heads.....nice.

After the cruise we stopped for supper. We went back to where we had eaten the night before since it was fairly cheap and pretty good and right there in Adventure Land. I think it was Taco Pete’s or something. Any way while we were there, there was a foreign family (imagine a foreigner at Disney!!) sitting behind us and all of a sudden we heard this weird growling noise. Well, it wasn’t even a growling noise; I can’t really explain it except that it was weird with a capital W. And to make it even weirder the guy was making the noise to his infant son. And to make it even weirder, the kid liked it. It went on for so long we just about busted a gut laughing it got so weird. I couldn’t take it. I know you can’t really appreciate it unless you were there!!

Okay, moving on! Of course, we had to ride the Flying Couch before we left AL.

We then headed over to ride the race cars instead of staking out a spot for the parade again. But once we got over there and I heard how loud they were, I knew Olivia wouldn’t want to ride. So I took her and we went to ride Dumbo (again) and see a few characters. It was a sweet time, just me and her. I got to spend some time with each of my kiddos while at Disney and I am so grateful for that. Special times for a mama!!

My camera died right after the picture with Minnie and Jon obviously didn’t have the camera so you will just have to put up with my narrative from here out :)

While me and Liv were doing our thang, the rest of the crew rode the race cars, the Astro Orbiter and the Barn Stormer 2x in a row!! I kept calling, telling them that there was NO LINE to see Goofy and Donald. But James and Audrey just weren’t interested. I must admit, that was very hard for me to accept. They just don’t stay young enough long enough. I’m so glad Olivia was into the characters and not scared of them. It was the salve on my wound. Haha!! Even thought the pictures don’t really show it, Olivia gave big smiles for the Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy. She got real shy when we got up there and hugged me real tight but she would touch them and blow them kisses. It was so sweet. Ahhh.

We closed the park down that night and it was so sad to leave. None of us wanted to.

I must give a shout out to my amazing mother and father in law. Them going with us and helping so much was a life saver. Our trip would not of been nearly as enjoyable had we not had them there with us. For 2 reasons: Their company and their physical labor!! Seriously, we can’t thank them enough for all they did and for helping us make this trip such an amazing memory for our kids. So, THANK YOU SUSU and PAW PAW for going with us. We love you and hope to do it again soon!!!


Becky said...

I wanna be SuSu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE how happy this trip made your babies. Sweet, sweet times.

susan said...

I can understand that, Bets. Thank you, Dear Amanda, for the gratitude- however, the honor and privilege is ours- we will never forget our time together- priceless and worth so much more than silver and gold.

lydia said...

What a fun trip! I've heard that they send those "flash mobs" out to pull people from one area of the park that is getting too crowded to a less crowded area. Don't know if it's true, but I like that idea!

Sam and Nelda said...

The rest of Day Two was complete with memories made in the rain, the weird sounds in the restaurant, the head hunter deal for your son to hang on to, the kiddos having some one on one time with their SuSu filling in with her "Name the Movie" game~
Happy...happy...happy for you all! Thanks so for sharing with us all!