Friday, February 15, 2013

Party Pooper

I am the resident party pooper in our household. At least my children seem to think so. Any time I have to interrupt their play time, they get so put out. I mean you would think that children would rather fill their bellies with good food than keep playing one of their many games. But, what do I know?

If the twins ever wake up in the mornings before I go upstairs to wake them up, they start playing. And when I go up to get them ready for school, you would think that I just told them they had to go run 12 miles in the freezing cold or something.

So this morning when I had to be the party pooper and tell them it was time to get ready for school, my son told me he wanted me to teach him at home because, are you ready for this? Because he wants to learn more about God. I was in shock and didn’t know weather to feel like a terrible mom for making my son go to public school or to applaud him and say “Well played son. Well played.” After about 30 seconds of us just starring at each other, I decided to do neither and just told him to get dressed.

Fast forward about 15 minutes to the bathroom downstairs where I am braiding Audrey’s hair. He comes in and says again that he doesn’t want to go to school. So I said well I guess on Monday you can stay home for the rest of the school year. He said ok and then I told him I hope he knew he would not get to play all day long. He said “Yes I will. I will be able to play as long as I want.” Audrey hasn’t said a word all morning about this and she finally turned and looked at him and said “Well I’m not staying with you.” Hahahahaha!!!! The look on James’s face was priceless and I had to stifle a laugh. She’s never said that before; she always wants to do/go what/where James wants to do/go. He replied with a whiney “whhyyy notttt Audreyyyy” and she said “Because. I like school and will miss my friends.” Just as matter of fact as you please. She didn’t even need to think about it. He decided shortly after that he did want to go to school. I followed up with “James when you get home every afternoon I will be glad to teach your more about God like we did when I taught you at home last year.” His reply, “Nah, we can do that tomorrow.”

Disclaimer: Please do not judge and think that we don’t teach our children about God. We have nightly devotions and talk often to our children about the sermons that they hear on Sunday’s and other days :)


Dani said...

Sneaky, very sneaky. :D Love it.

Becky said...

This is one of the funniest posts you've ever written (and that's saying a lot!)!! Oh, how I love J and A (and baby girl, of course)

Sam and Nelda said...

That James! Man he's a thinker and he KNOWS how to use it...