Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kids say the darndest things

Last Week:
Audrey: Mommy, your tummy is wrinkly.
Me: Yes. Yes it is.
Audrey: Why mommy?
Me: Because I had 3 children in there and y’all stretched it out.

Audrey: Mommy, your tummy is squishy.
Me: Yes. Yes it is.
Audrey: I like it like that because it’s soft. Not like when you were growing Olivia out of your belly.

Children sure have a way of keeping us humble, don’t they? I try explaining to them that the reason they have to go to the nursery at the YMCA so much is because I am trying (and not succeeding very well) to get rid of the squishy wrinkles that consume most of my midsection these days. (I’ll try and blog about the issues we have with the nursery next time) But guess who will be running an extra mile and doing some extra crunches the rest of this week???

Olivia, which happens to be the # 1 reason for my new wrinkles and new squishiness, is exhausting me! Her sleep pattern is all over the place and once she started crawling, that was it. She is fast and she is curious. And the child is already pulling up on every surface she gets her chubby little hands on and as of this week, trying to let go. What is she doing to me???? I promise she seems to be growing up so much faster than James and Audrey did. Probably because she’s not 2 months behind on every thing like they were. She has also found her voice, big time! When we are all down on the floor playing and James and Audrey start squealing, like they are prone to do, Miss Thang starts squealing too. Just as loud and sounds like one of them! It’s funny. She is definitely going to be right there in the middle of it all.

She’s started putting her own self to sleep at nap and bed time. Say what? Yep, she only wants to be rocked for a few minutes then starts squirming so I put her in her bed and walk out. She never fusses, just plays around and talks her self to sleep. James was exactly the same way at the same age I do believe. We moved some things around the other day (you now, in my never ending effort to be more efficient) and O is now in J and A’s old room. Well, I haven’t taken their wall stickers down yet and Olivia was chewing on Sleeping Beauty this morning when I went in to get her. Guess what I will be doing later today!!

Now it’s James’ turn. My sweet boy. A few weeks ago on this particular evening the boy was having a hard time going to sleep so you can imagine how many excuses he came up with to come out of his room and how exasperated his father and I became. Now Audrey, she was sound asleep. Well, after a long time of crying and begging to come out to get water (which we had already let him at the very beginning of this escapade) we hear and I kid you not, “God!! Please help me!! My daddy put me back in the bed and no body will help me!!!!” I was almost in tears at this point and told Jon he just had to get him the water now. Jon was the one who put them to bed and who told him after the first time that he couldn’t get out of bed any more so this was Jon’s battle. You see, we believe that if one of us tells a kid something then that one has to be the one to back it up and wait it out. The other one of us does not intervene. At least not where the kid that we are “in battle with” can hear! We try to present a united front at all times because children can be tricky little people and we want them to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if they get an answer from Jon or I that they don’t like, it will be useless to go to the other and plead their case.

Any who, Jon did go get him the water much to James’ (and my) relief!! And this story has already been used in his father’s and grandfather’s sermon illustrations. Yep, this is one of those stories that in 15 or 20 years people whom he has never met before will be coming up to him at different church meetings saying “I remember that story your daddy (or grandaddy) told about you begging God for help when you were just 4 years old.” Sorry son, but that’s the way things roll when you are a preacher’s kid. Trust me, I KNOW!!!


Nelda said...

Go mom! Nice to have such a darlin little motivator!
Ms. Olivia is too stinkin cute standin there like she owns the world! Of course she's gonna be right in the middle of them~
You're right on with the PK's and the stories.. poor Jamesy~
(really should send that story to Readers Digest)

Dani said...

Poor little feller. It does make for a great story though.

Becky said...

how in the world can they be so cute!!!!?????????