Thursday, January 19, 2012

The sound of silence

That song has been floating around in my head all week long. It’s been so quiet around here and it’s been nice. I haven’t had to tell any one to shush or to not run down the hall because the baby is sleeping or put any one in time out or give any swats to any behinds. Or hear any dramatic crying fits or trip over any one in the kitchen or listen to any one complain or whine or scream or tattle on each other. There’s been nobody asking me for a snack every minute of the day. I have been able to go to the bathroom with out any one following me and talking to me through the door the entire time. I haven’t had to pick up any toilet paper from off the floor or answer a bajillion questions in a days time. There’s been no fights to break up or children to go find because they have been unusually quiet for 5 minutes. Bath time has been full of small splashes and giggles, no screaming that the water isn't hot enough or that the shampoo got in someones eyes or that someones hair is being brushed to fast and to hard. The sound of silence has been quite enjoyable.

At the same time, that silence has gotten awfully loud. Each evening I have stated that it’s awfully quiet around here and Jon has agreed. Too quiet, really. There has been nobody to say they love us or that we are the best mom and dad because we let them have Coke. There’s been no delightful squeals from playing chase or wrestling in the evenings. No princesses and super hero's or moms and their puppies prancing around. No seeing excited little faces jumping into the pool for swimming lessons or beautiful ballerinas practicing their steps for their end of the year recital. No body to kiss on Olivia’s feet while I am trying to walk around. No story time. Nobody to ask if it’s arts and crats time yet. No super time conversations with happy little children. No hugs, no squeezes, no little hands to hold while crossing the street or parking lot. No beautiful smiles to see or emphatic little voices to hear. And no bedtime songs.

I am heading to Middle Georgia in a few hours to pick up our loudest noise makers and I can hardly wait to see my little loves! I miss them. Jon misses them. And Olivia misses them. But best of all, they miss us and are ready to come home!!! It’s been a very productive week and I am thankful for all that I was able to accomplish. Our home feels really “clean” again and it was nice to have this time to regroup. But I am glad the time is up and that all my chicks will be back in the hen house by tomorrow at bed time. The good Lord willin!

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Becky said...

you are an amazing mother
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