Wednesday, January 4, 2012

6 Months

Olivia Ray,

You turned 6 months while we were in New Orleans for Christmas so that’s why I am really late posting this. I know I say this every time but it’s true; you are such a joy to be around. You are always smiling or laughing or cooing. You charm the socks off of everyone you come in contact with and let me tell you honey, your aunt’s and uncle’s and cousin’s went nutso over you during Christmas. You were a hit in the country, everybody and their grandma (pun intended!) wanted to get their hands on you. But Aunt Ashely was the baby hog out there and she wasn’t ashamed to admit it either!

 On our trip you handled the crowds and the constant loud noises wonderfully. The car rides, not so much. On the trip from Nanny B’s to Grandaddy and Nonie’s you rode in the car with me, Aunt Betsy, Samuel, Hannah and Audrey. We realized all too late it was a mistake to put you and Samuel in the same car!! Every time you would start to drift off to sleep Samuel would yell at the t.v. from excitement and scare you half to death. You cried basically the entire 4 hours to Birmingham! But me despite the crying Hannah and Audrey and me and Aunt Bets had fun!

The trip from Grandaddy and Nonie’s to SuSu and PawPaw’s went a lot better. It was during the day and you were in between James and Audrey in the back of daddy’s truck so any time you started to get upset they were right there to entertain you!

You went to your first teddy bear tea thanks to SuSu but I don’t think you were all that impressed!

You had your first Christmas morning and really loved your baby grand piano that Santa brought. You especially love to look at the sunshine face on it. It makes you all excited!!

You spent your first night in the country house out in Mississippi and you kept everyone awake that had the priviledge of sharing a room with you that night. But made everyone forgive you the next morning by flashing that big toothless grin at us!

Since Christmas day was on a Sunday this year all us “Mozingo’s” had to leave the country on Christmas Eve to be at our different church’s on Sunday morning. Your daddy had to go back to Georgia and instead of making the long trip there and back again for the New Year’s eve meeting, James and Audrey went back to New Orleans and you and I went to Hattiesburg so we wouldn’t have to make any more long car trips until it was time for us to come back to Georgia for good. We stayed at Nenie’s for a few days and then moved over to Aunt Becky’s where she and your cousin’s spoiled you every second they got!

 Even though you didn’t start crawling while we were there, I think watching your cousin Michael helped you out because I can say that now you are officially crawling! You will crawl a few steps, then flatten out, then draw your knees up and crawl a few more steps. And last night I watched you roll over and sit up all by yourself! I must admit that I slacked off during the holidays on your baby food but picked it back up this week. You love peaches and banana’s mixed with rice cereal. We are going to start vegetables tomorrow.

It will be interesting to see which hand becomes your dominant one. I have noticed you grab things with your left hand a lot and to investigate things you scratch it with your tiny little fingers. It’s so cute! We went for your 6 month well check today and you: weigh 16 lbs and 12 oz and are 25 1/4 inches long. 52% for weight and 24% for height. Doc says you are growing perfectly but have and I quote “a slight excess of weight for your height.” Chunky monkey and your thunder thighs!! Oh and every time he mentions your height, he makes a crack about mine. Sorry, sweetie but that’s just one more thing you got from your old mama! You are still my little ray of sunshine and I swear time is passing even faster with you than it did with your brother and sister. I love you to the moon and back, darling.


Becky said...

yay for the slight excess in weight for her height!!!!! and yay for vegetables starting this week!!!!! What an angel baby Olive is! We miss and adore her so very much. I smile every time I think about her!
Thanks for 2 posts in one rock.

the ladner family said...

I love that picture of her and michael !! She is a doll baby.