Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Size 3 Hipster

Olivia is officially a “hip” baby now, meaning she perches herself on my hip all day long with out bobbling around. The little girlie is getting so heavy I am actually glad of the graduating to my hip. Much easier to get stuff done when she wants to be held. She also has grown out of her size 2 diapers and into a size 3. She also gets up on her knees and rocks back and forth which makes her creep any where she wants to go and she spins around in circles. She is still the happiest, most content baby in the world and any body that meets her will tell you that. She has started to laugh at us when we do silly things (which is a lot of the time!) and it is the best laugh in the world. Kinda reminds me of James’ laugh when he was a baby. Speaking of James as a baby, when Olivia gets upset (which isn’t often, mind you) she sounds just like her Bubby did. She doesn’t have a level 4 though, just a level 2! We had tons of baby toys so we didn’t have to buy any and she already has 2 favorites: Mr. Elephante (which happened to be James’ favorite) and the Star taggie in the pics below. Neither James nor Audrey ever were interested in these taggie toys but Olivia loveees them! She examines those tags so closely she makes her eyes cross!

Last week was parent observation week at Audrey’s ballet class and we had a blast getting to watch and listen up close and personal. I was so proud of myself for remembering to load videos and pics from the camera to the computer so I’d have plenty of room to catch our little ballerina in action. However, I didn’t think about checking the battery so, when we got in there and I turned it on, the battery started blinking. I didn’t get much and the quality of the pictures aren’t that good. But I have a great memory anyways! James did exceptionally well sitting in there watching her. I think he enjoyed it but then when I asked him if he wanted to put on a pink tutu and dance around he made a horrible face and said “NO!! I’d look like a girl.”

Two weeks ago we went out to Louisiana for Jon’s dad’s 60th birthday celebration. It was a short trip but well worth it. It was a beautiful morning and since we were in the French Quarter for a jazz brunch in the courtyard at the Court of Two Sister’s, it was perfect. Another wonderful memory! But this time I got lots of good pictures.

Last Sunday morning the twins lost all television priviledges for the entire week. My sister said “What’d they do to make you punish yourself so bad?” There is so much truth in that question, haha! But they deserved it. No really, they did. I wont give all the details. They are learning a hard lesson and even though day 3 is getting a little hairy, it’s been good for them. I invented “Mommy Boot Camp” and have had them cleaning a room each day. And I must say the play room is as clean as it’s ever been! We’ve all had to get real creative and stretch our imaginations extra far but it’s been good. It’s made me make time to do some Thanksgiving crafts with them that I found on Pinterest and it’s made them (hopefully) appreciate their “priviledges” around here. Ask my kids what priviledge means next time you see them. Betcha they can tell ya!

Audrey reading to her “baby"

Working on our Pilgrim hat’s

The finished product! I couldn’t find my right tip so the 
buckles are a little crooked :)


Becky said...

I love the black and white touch! Perfect for the little ballerina. Thanks for keeping your Wednesday promise! I've been checking all always, you didn't disappoint. Miss me some O. (and J/A)

the ladner family said...

She needs a "taggie"!!! I keep trying to get isabella to give hers to michael, not happening:) cutest ballerina ever !!! I wish I had tv to take away from mine. They have no time for it !!! But they will thank u later for this!ha! Btw Bubs had the BEST laugh ever as a baby!!!