Tuesday, November 1, 2011

4 Month Well

Last Thursday Olivia had her 4 month well check and had to get more shots. Poor baby. Hers never fussy and always smilin but not Thursday evening. I felt sorry for her and gave her a little dose of Tylenol when we got home from T-ville and that made her feel better almost instantly! The pediatrician told me to only give it to her if she was just too pitiful because there is some thought that it can interfere with the shots so that’s why I waited so long. She didn’t sleep the whole next day like she did last time but she was just as pleasant as she always is! I busted my behind when we left the doctor’s to get Audrey back to Cairo for dance, then came home to meet my dad, Nelda and some of their church members that had come in for Tired Creek’s 5th weekend meeting. Then we headed over to Thomasville for James’ swim lessons and then went out to eat at Jonah’s, this delicious little restaurant that serves the best hush puppies you eva put in your mouth! Thursday was a busy day, to say the least!

On October 27, 2011
Olivia weighed
14 lbs and 13.5 oz                               75%
Was 23.5 in long                                 20%
Had a head circumference of 40 cm    45%

Dr. Walker chuckled when he saw her height saying she sure was short. Poor girl, looks like there’s just one more way she takes after her dear old mom! He said she was doing wonderfully though and that she’s growing perfectly and he’s very pleased. He also said to start in with a little rice cereal just before we come back for her 6 month well check. Whaaatttt??? It’s almost time for solids already? Waaahhhh!!!!!!

Right before he left the room he asked if I had any questions for him and I said no. We both laughed, remembering the list of questions I used to bring in with the infant twins that he would so kindly read and then write the answers down next to the questions! Then he said “Things are much different the 2nd time around, aren’t they?” “Like night and day” was my reply.

The perfect way to keep them quiet at the doctor!


Sam and Nelda said...

Looks like big brother and sister were no problem at all!

It's ok if Olivia is short like her mom... she's a living doll!

Kelly Spezzano said...

She is cute as a button! Her growing up is flying by for us readers, I cannot imagine how you must feel with her growing so quickly! :)

PS I really wish we were closer so your kids could rub off on Joshua- we've been at a lot of dr. appts recently and he DOES NOT sit quietly like that, EVER!