Friday, September 24, 2010

Our Children's Voices

This week has just been wonderful here at home and especially the last two days of it! These are the kind of days and weeks that remind stay at home mom's, like myself, as to exactly why we chose to be a SAHM. Not that I really need reminding because honestly, no amount of money or sanity could lure me away from the set up I got going on here!!  But seriously, it is nice to have those days or weeks where everything and everyone is in perfect (okay, almost perfect. we are still talking about life with 3 yr olds!) harmony with each other!! It makes those times just melt away where the kids are constantly whining or fighting or breaking stuff or stuffung paper towels in the toilet because she couldn't "find" any toilet tissue to wipe her tiny hiney with or one or both of them can't seem to be 3 inches from my legs at all times which, causes utter chaos while trying to cook supper. Being a stay at home mom is not easy breezy and as hard as I try, I never can get my pearls, dress and apron on by the time Jon gets home from work. Yes, I do daydream about being June Clever. It's weird, I know! But sometimes there are these perfect weeks/days where I am completely satisfied with the time I spent with my children and husband that day AND the house is virtually spotless when I lay my head on my pillow at night! Most days, these two things don't go together!

Besides the fact that I get to be with our children in our home 24/7, just being able to listen to them everyday, all day is the most amazing gift ever!!! Being able to hear first hand how their imaginations are just exploding with ideas at this age is awesome. For the most part they entertain each other and I have the pleasure of having a front row seat every day! I've heard people say they wish they could of put their children's laughter and tiny little voices in a bottle to keep forever and be able to open it when ever they needed a "fix." Well, I am so thankful that I live in a day and age where there is such an invention except, instead of a bottle we call it a video camera and we have all kinds of ways of preserving and sharing these most precious little gifts called, "our children's voices."



su said...

Spent a long time here with a comment, and it was long, and then when I started to post- it disappeared- strange, so I'll have to re-write later- ran outta time! Gotta go get mawmaw from hair appt.

Suffice it to say- this post is golden

~sydney~ said...

Ummmmm. Okay. Becky, Aubrey, and I just watched it...we have no words. They're amazing.

I can't even think of a good comment. We're just speechless.

Becky said...

Where do I begin? First, I'm so thankful that J and A have such a wonderful mother, and Jon has the wife he deserves.

Enough about you. I have a few interview questions myself...

1. WHO knew you would be the one to finally make a video to top the famous "interview with Jon, circa 1984"?
2. WHAT in the world did you do to keep from popping while you were interviewing her?
3. WHEN will I ever cook, clean, work, talk to my children, buy groceries, etc. again now that this video is available at my fingertips?
4. WHERE in the world did she get that headband?
5. WHY don't y'all live next door to me?
6. HOW will I make it 'til November?

Dianne said...

Echoing all the other posts here. Wow! Amazing Audrey's "command". Charles watched with me and said, "That's NOT Audrey?" I said, "Yep!" He said, "We JUST saw them in June. She can't have gotten that big!" Yep. LOVED this SO much, 'manda. Your words are beautiful but the videoclip the CAT'S meow!

Tara said...

That is precious! We love it, but how in the world were you not cracking up? We have watched it 3 times, per Jolee she said... I just love them, you know mom they came to my church!

Sam and Nelda said...

Great capture! So glad we got the chance to view their imaginations in action! I can still hear Audrey saying, "Hurry bubba, it's almost midnight"...