Monday, September 6, 2010

Cuppy Cakes

Today is the Labor Day Holiday and I hope everyone is enjoying a long weekend like we have! This is the first weekend that we have had at home with absolutely no where to go and nothing to do in what feels like an eternity! Seriously, it's been like 2 months since we were able to wake up on a Saturday morning and just hang out and spend the entire day doing whatever we wanted. Sunday was just as relaxing, we went to church in the morning and then came home and just chilled. Today is more of the same and how very thankful we are for it! We, like most Americans these days, live a pretty fast paced life. And being a Primitive Baptist preacher's family and living away from both our families doesn't help matters much! We stay in the road and to prove that I'll share a little tid bit with ya: We bought a new(well new to us) van on June 22 and it had 49,000 miles on it. Today it has 54,700 miles on the odometer. That's 5,700 miles we have traveled in a little more than 2 months! I'm not complaining, mind you, I'm just sayin'!

Any who, back to the ranch. Saturday, the husband and I made some chicken and shrimp Gumbo that was outta this world and the twins and I made cupcakes and then decorated them. They helped pour the ingredients in and stir the batter up, waited patiently for them to cook and then decorated them when they were done. We had fun, so much fun!! Although, next baking day I think I will choose something that doesn't make 24 of something. Because even though James and Audrey have eaten their fare share of them, I seem to have a 'cup cake with a glass of milk' craving every night and there are still a dozen left that keep calling my name!!

Waiting and watching

Carefully icing his cup cake

SO proud of his creation

Carefully icing her cup cake

Concentrating hard on pouring sprinkles

My little chef's!!!

James, Audrey and myself will heading out for 'Bama bright and early in the morning to spend a week with Grandaddy and Nonie!!! So,  Papoopsie Darlings will be quiet for a while but Lord willin' we will be back soon. Prayers for our travels would be greatly appreciated!


~sydney~ said...

How fun! What a great momma! So glad they're finally goin' to ALA-BAAAAMA. Every time we skype they say they're going!

Dianne said...

Loved the painstaking care taken with their masterpieces. And, the pic of the both watching the oven door to see the cupcakes forming.

They will CERTAINLY be able to say they've had their hands on in so many professions, Amanda. The world is their oyster. So happy you let them participate in the kitchen, in the garden...all over the place.

Prayers for a safe passage to, a wonderful time with Daddy & Nelda, and a safe return trip at the end of your stay.

Kelly Spezzano said...

what great pictures! these little ones are so incredibly cute, i just don't knoe how you get anything done? i'd just want to hang around with them all the time! :)

many prayers for safe travels and an enjoyable time with family!

Sam and Nelda said...

cSo glad to know that you got to go slooooowwwwww for the past weekend! That is much needed...
You are such a patient mom...making wonderful memories for your babies (if they have a memory like their Aunt Bets)..
Can't wait for ya'll to GET HERE!

su said...

Sweet post (no pun intended) Have a wonderful visit- I know you will! Love you all and will be praying for your safe passage-

Becky said...

longest week ever...

Tara said...

What! You went to Bama without me? I hope to go soon. Hope you have a great time! Love the post and the pictures!