Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Naughty rabbits

Fall is FINALLY in the air. Okay, maybe just a hint of it in the mornings but still, it's there. I can hardly believe it, but it's true. Oh, I'm sure we will have another H O T spell before it's all said and done but at least I know that cooler weather does still exist! It's been so pleasant the last few mornings that J & A have begged to go outside to play and have done so without complaining that it's too hot and they want to come inside. So I have gladly sent them out on the deck to enjoy some fresh air and a welcome change of scenery while I watch and listen out the kitchen window. Perfect setup since most of my time in the mornings is spent in the general area of the kitchen window!

One day last week while I was washing a few dishes, I got the biggest kick out of watching them pretend like they were dogs and take turns feeding each other. A little strange since people don't usually spoon feed dogs sitting in chairs but whatever. They were having fun and I was enjoying laughing at their fun little game.

Until I realized that they were actually feeding each other actual water that was in a plastic bowl that had been out there festering for at least 3 days. Or more.

It wasn't so funny or cute after that. I really should pay better attention to what they are doing!

They were a little disappointed when I made them stop but they quickly found something else to do. Their little imaginations are bursting with ideas these days! They decided to plant a garden since they could no longer feed each other nasty, dirty, rain water from a spoon.

They gathered the dead plants together and filled the pots with pecans for the chipmunks to eat. They said that their pecans were going to grow into really tall trees and the chipmunks could eat the acorns from them. Then James told me his name was Mr. MacGregor and he said he had to make sure Peter Cottontail didn't eat his radishes. That naughty rabbit. (can you tell what story we've been reading lately?)

They planted this garden about 6 days ago and ask periodically to go check on it and see how it's growing! Scoundrels.


Becky said...

I LOVE that this post painted such a clear picture of what YOU saw. I felt like I was standing at that kitchen window with you. I miss y'all more than I can ever say.
Thanks for making good on the MWF far.
P.S. Why are your children so SMART!?

Amanda said...

I have no idea why they are so smart. They didn't get it from me but then again maybe they did. I don't have a blog to go back and read about all the possibly smart things I did and said. Hmmm, now there's a thought!