Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Playing catch up

We've been so super busy lately that I have not had time to update on the happenings in our kiddos lives. Last post I told you all how Audrey dresses her self these days (well, she puts clothes on about 10 times a day. she has yet to "match" any outfits yet!) and this post is to tell all of you that my son, my darling baby boy, is finally potty trained!!!!!!!! It makes me a teeny tiny bit weepy to think about that before Jon has to start back to school, James will be in a big boy bed. That's not that long people! Any way, back to James and the potty. During our annul meeting at Tired Creek, I left the house one time with out any pull ups (or underwear) and of course didn't realize this until we had gotten to the church. So, I told James we didn't have any more pull ups and he better not poop in the one he had on or he would have to be naked under his pants. Apparently he didn't like the prospect of having to go commando at church because half way thru preaching he shouts "I GOT TO GO POOPOO MOMMY" something he has never done before! We rushed to the bathroom, he controlled his bowels till we got there and we had our first successful poop in the pot. Exhilarating, I know!

For the next couple weeks he would only tell me when he had to go at church but he soon started telling me at home off and on. He came down with a stomach virus the day we left for New Orleans which caused him to have diarreah for about 6 days and, oddly enough, that is what ultimately potty trained my son. Ha!! What a great story, huh?!


su said...

And time moves on- too fast- but at least you save money on diapers and pullups!

BTW, are you sick, or did someone , infact, hack your FB?

Dianne said...

ALL your stories are GREAT stories! Enjoy them all. YAYYYYY, James! Liked the "commando"

Becky said...

vivid, Manny, vivid...but I'm sooo proud!