Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hanna Park

This past weekend, Jon had an appointment to preach over in Macclenny, FL and we decided to head over a few days early and spend some time at Hanna Park/Atlantic Beach, close to Jacksonville. Oh are we ever glad we did this! We had soooooo much fun and I think the kids did too!

From the moment we arrived Audrey was chasing seagulls trying desperately to catch one. Her little self was so dejected when she would talk about how she couldn't catch one.  I have never seen her run quite so fast and she wanted me to run with her a few times. Wow, lets just say it's a good thing I've been gyming it up lately, almost 3 year olds can scat!

I have lots more pictures to come, I promise, so stay tuned!


the ladner family said...

How cute! I miss seeing them at the beach this year! Miss you guys

~sydney~ said...

Cute, cute!