Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still More Changes

You all remember the story of how James was potty trained, I'm sure, so we wont go over that again! About 3 weeks ago, James woke me up in the middle of the night having to go potty so Jon put up his big boy bed the next day. James was so over the top excited!!! (I was a tad bit weepy) My son, the boy who never wants to go to sleep, was begging to go to sleep that day. At supper he said he wanted to skip his bath and go straight to bed; it was like 6:00 in the evening, too! Like the mean parents we are, we made him wait until 7:30, his normal bed time. He jumped around in there for a while, had to go to the bathroom 4 or 5 times (it's amazing how quickly children learn to use the bathroom as an excuse) and finally Jon threatened to put his baby bed back up if he didn't calm down and go to sleep. That did it, we didn't hear one more peep from him for the rest of the night! But, bless his heart, that only worked the first night!

He can dress him self now. All I have to do most of the time is tell him what to put on and he goes to his room and puts it on! 2 weeks ago we went back to the pediatrician for a check up on how he was doing on Pulmicort and I told her we really hadn't seen a difference and the poor guy hated to take a breathing treatment every day. So she switched us to Singulair once a day which is a chewable tablet that he takes at bed time. James hasn't had an asthma attack since that night more than a year ago when I had to take him to the ER in the middle of the night. But, when ever he gets the slightest upper respiratory infection, 9 out of 10 times he has to start taking albuterol treatments every few hours and I have to take him to the doctor for steroids to clear his lungs. He also tends to wheeze and retract a bit when ever he gets really active like running and wrestling. I think I can see a little bit of improvement with the Singulair so I am hopeful that this will work for him!

I've noticed that he has become quite clumsy lately. He has started tripping and falling constantly, his left ankle giving way like it snaps in half, and when he falls, he falls HARD. It's difficult to get him to wear shoes for any length of time during the day (especially when we are inside all day because it is 150 degrees outside) but when he does put his boots on, he has a bit more balance. I attribute it to a growth spurt. He has been eating like a hawg these last few weeks and I think he's gotten a bit taller. Just in the last day or so, his appetite has leveled off and he is a little more steady on his feet! I've noticed this in him the last few times he's had a little growth spurt. James is still in the Babies Can't Wait program and will be until he is 3 which, sniff sniff, is only 2 months away. Every 6 months, he is evaluated on his progress and this last time for: auditory comprehension he scored in 90th percentile and the age equivalency of 3-9 which is almost 4 years old! On his expressive communication he scored in the 90th percentile and the age equivalency of 3-10, which, again, is almost 4 years old. His total language was the 93rd percentile and age equivalency of 3-10, which basically means his mind is functioning as a 4 year old! What a wonderful blessing the Lord has blessed him with! We are very thankful and give all the praise and honor to our Lord. But I must say, I am one proud mama of the strides our son has made!!


~sydney~ said...

Those pictures are killing me! Why is he so grown?!!! And haha, Mom! I can look at the blog on my phone; I don't have to wait 'til we get home.

su said...

So, here I am, in my office on St. Charles Ave, with the wet eyes, and big grins, and oh my goodness, joy in my heart! I love how you are so "On it", Amanda, with your children- never was made a better mama! We're ALL blessed because of it.

Dianne said...

AMEN to what Susan said. You're SO "on it", 'manda, and it's a TREASURE to get to read and watch the twins grow and become such individual persons and personalities. Beautiful! Did I say they are BEAUTIFUL!

Sam and Nelda said...

Oh sweet little boy! He is so growing up... So, so thankful for his ability to "Do" all that he can do!
Lovin the big boy bed...and the bathroom!
Give them a kiss from Grandaddy and Nonie and tell them about Grand's experience with the real lions catchin their dinner!

the ladner family said...

He looks sooo big all the sudden! He is adorable!