Friday, July 9, 2010

Making more memories

Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting our 2nd annual Summer get together with two of the sweetest families that we have the pleasure to call our friends: the Hataway's and the Ferrell's. As expected, we had a BLAST. Kids and adults! On Saturday our husbands were sweet enough to watch the kids while they napped (hehe) so that we mother's could go eat lunch at a local deli here in town. The soup and sandwiches were delicious and the uninterrupted girl talk was marvelous!

Except for the occasional "He's playing with my toy" or "I had that first" little upsets, all the kids got along wonderfully. I think it's great that kids who only see each other a couple times a year can play so well together when they are together!

Upon arrival, Emma and James (for some hilarious unknown reason!) bonded and were pretty much attached at the hip the whole weekend. They were calling each other "my girlie" and "my boy", it was pretty funny!

Saturday night, James, Emma, Audrey and Nathan were the only kiddos that were left since Allie and Joshua had to go home and Abby went to spend the night with Claire, a little girl who goes to our church who Amber has known her mother for years. They piled up on Audrey's yellow big duckie and had a Dora the Explorer marathon! We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and I hope we have many more annual weekend get together. Love you guys!


Becky said...

What fun! Love me some Emma...always have...but now to find out what good taste she has?! The girl is golden.

~sydney~ said...

Ditto to ya, Beck

Emily said...

Gabriela will not be pleased to hear about James and Emma. Only hours earlier he was kissing her . . . she's going to be heart-broken. Where'd that boy learn to be such a player anyway? ;)

Looks like y'all had an awesome time! Wish we could have stuck around longer to say hello to everyone!

su said...

So sweeet

Amber said...

Love these!! We had so much fun!!