Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trust in me, Kahh

James is turning out to be the comedian of the family. (Now, as soon as he starts doing impressions his daddy wont have nothing on him!) He has started saying the funniest things lately and I'll give you a short list of them:One day I thought I smelled poo so I asked "James, did you poo-poo?" He replies "No, I not." "Then what's that smell"? I ask, and with out even thinking about it he replies "A candle."

One night he was supposed to be going to sleep but he was thinking of every excuse in the book to prolong that process and when he'd run out of reasonable ideas he yells "MOMMY!!! I need a diaper" so I go in there (for like the umpteenth time) and ask why he needs a diaper. He says " I tee-tee." I told him no, he tee tee's in his diaper all the time and to go to sleep. I guess he figured that was that because we didn't hear another lame excuse out of him the rest of the night!

We were building a tower one day with some blocks and he knocked mine over and started laughing. I said "James, why did you knock over my tower?" His reply, "I a little booger."

My personal favorite is where he wakes me up at 6:30 in the morning screaming "Mommy!!!! I want cereals." And then while he's eating those cereals and watching the news with me, a McDonald's add pops up and he says "Look! News on french fries."

I have to add a little background for this last one so that those of you well past the Disney stage will understand! Jungle Book is one of their favorite movies and they love the snake, Kahh. They love the song Kahh sings while he is hypnotizing Mogli but all they know of the song is the "trust in me" part. Well, this morning I was getting ready to get in the shower (they play in my bed while I do that) and I asked them if I could trust them to be nice to each other while I was in the shower. And, again with out even thinking, he gives me this sly grin and starts singing "Trust in me, trust in me Kahh." I love this age!


~sydney~ said...

Ole Daddy would LOVE that last story. He did "trust in me, Kahh" all the time to us. His hand was the snake, and he sang the song and tickled us. Jamesy and Peach would love it!

Becky said...

Ditto, Syd! That's exactly what I was thinking.

I am missing that little voice sooooo much (and the companion one, as well). I've said it once, and I'll say it again...smartest babies on the planet.

Sam and Nelda said...

Too cute! Love the pic...What quick wit! Remembering back while in their first days in the hospital...little Jamesy was making mommy and daddy laugh with his little funny smiles and faces...How fun it is to watch him mature into a little Jon!

Dianne said...

I wouldn't want to expose and abuse these babies as Kate Plus Eight did with their family, but, I would love 24/7 feed of them. Perfectly delighted with your reporting of their daily life scenes, 'manda. They are double-messes! What a joy to us all.

Cathy said...

Mine loved The Jungle Book too Amanda. One time when Kelsie was about two, she came running into the kitchen and got overbalanced and tripped and flipped and landed upside down under the table. We waited a second or two for her to start screaming, but she just looked up and said "Ohhh my sinuses". Cracked us up. She was quite the comedian herself with all that dry humor.