Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mac a whole

I just love how kids mix words and letters up at this age. James is usually the one to mix words up when he is learning to say something new, I wish I could remember ones he's said in the past but my memory is a little foggy at the moment. Remember how we started having game night a few times a week? Well, Whack A Mole is one of the games.
It is really for ages 4 and up but I thought they would at least get a kick out of actually being allowed to hit something and hit it hard! Not to mention start working on their hand/eye coordination. (I know some of the things we do with our kids probably have some of you scratching your head but remember our motto around here is "Never too early"!) Any who, they really like it but their attention span only lasts for so long before they start trying to hit each other with the whackers and we have to put mack a wholle away!
They also love, love, love to play memory. Of course, their own version of it which is turning the cars over picture side up and finding two of a kind that way! James is super fast finding stuff but has no interest in actually picking up the cards. Audrey gets the most out of it I think. She stands over the cards looking intently for stuff and saying "Okay, I tie (try) mommy. I tie." when I ask to her to find something! She's not much for holding onto her cards but she does get excited when she finds what she is looking for and picks it up and throws it at me! Last night while we were playing Audrey kept saying "Wook (look) around, wook around" (doing the hand motions too) when ever I told her to look for something. She also would say some other stuff (that I can't exactly remember right now) and last night it dawned on me that all the things she was saying were things we had told them to do when we first taught them how to play. And that was about 2 weeks ago. It's amazing to me the things children can remember. Their brains really are little sponges.

Yes, I realize they are playing HHP in this pic and not Memory but I didn't have a pic of them playing memory!
Even though they love playing all their games, playing with play dough is their favorite. I found this little bucket of beach creations at Target that has a few miniature cans of play dough, some sea animal cut outs, a teeny tiny shovel, a teeny tiny sand bucket and even some play dough sand. It's actually called sand composite I believe but it's really neat. A little weird because it feels wet and grainy when you touch it but it doesn't leave your hand wet or sandy. There are some real master minds at the play dough company these days!

I will leave you today with a few pictures of our play dough creations.

Jon singing "trust in me" to Audrey while waving "Kahh" around. Notice she's not so sure....

This is my version of Krosty (frosty) the snowman. Nice, huh?!

And because we took pictures of our play dough animals, James wanted a picture of his! I think this was supposed to be Kystel (Krystal) Krosty's snow wife!


Becky said...

I wanna come to game night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the surprise post...made my day!

~sydney~ said...

Me too!

su said...

I love the picture of Peach looking at her Daddy with the Snake, and I love the Picture of James' little hands mashing the dough. You a Photog, Girl. Mrs. Massey ain't got nuttin on you.

Emily said...

Aw, I am totally loving Gabriela's current phase. But you really make me look forward to toddlerhood with posts like this!!!

The kiddos are just too adorable!

the ladner family said...

love you!!! miss you all!!! they are so blessed to have parents that play with them like yall do!