Friday, January 8, 2010

New Years

On Saturday after Christmas, Jon and I loaded up the van and left the cold, muddy country to make the trek back to GA by ourselves. Both of the churches he serves were ha
ving church on Sunday(one in the morning, one at night)and he needed/wanted to be there. We were turning right around on Monday to go back to Hattiesburg for New Years and did not want to drag the kids along, so we left them with PawPaw, SuSu and Uncle Will. It was nice to ride along in the car and be able to have an actual conversation, one that didn't get interrupted every 20 seconds! James got sick that night, however, with a stomach virus and I felt so
bad for not being with him. We decided to go to New Orleans on Monday instead of h'burg and I'm so glad we did because about an hour after Audrey went to sleep that night she woke
up vomiting. A lot and it was nasty. Neither one of us slept good that night. Audrey because her tummy hurt and me because I just new I was about to get a face full of up chuck every time she flipped or flopped. That's gross, I know but it's what I was thinking!
Poor SuSu got sick that night too, so we all decided it best to delay our trip to the 'burg until Wednesday night. As a Christmas present for Mr. Ronnie and Ms. Susan, us "kids" scheduled a family portrait session in Hattiesburg for Wednesday but were able to move it to
Thursday morning which happened to work out better, the weather was absolutely
perfect! We were at the University of Southern Mississippi's campus and
the pictures turned out wonderful! We had fun too!!

The New Year's Eve meeting at Ideal can be an interesting experience for young mothers since services usually go thru midnight. This year we started earlier, at 4:00 and broke for supper at 6. Then started back at 7:00 and ended at 9. That would have worked out great had my kids not been in such an irritated state to begin with. They were rowdy, cranky and only wanted me. They pretty much didn't want any one to look at them and they were fighting over me screaming, "That's MY mommy!" I called it quits after supper and went back to Aunt Becky and Uncle Hugh's and put them to be on time for a change! Now, I can hang with the best and have fought my way through plenty of church services but sometimes a mama has to do what a mama has to do! Preacher's wife or not.

We spent most of New Year's day at Nenie's before heading home sweet home to Georgia! Sweet Sydney just had to get all the kids some donuts before we left and they were a big hit!(With the adults too!)


Dianne said...

Am loving your "travelogue", 'manda. And, that FIRST picture of Audrey...gloved, hatted, and "Mary Janes"...kind'a sorta. Runway material. She's got the MOVES to be strutting down a runway modeling the high fashion she's demonstrating here. Love her expression. And, donuts. Man! Pity I've got to go eat Special K. Donuts are of my past, skinnier days. Shore were good. So were these photos and ALL your words.

the ladner family said...

i want it to be known, i WANTED to bring odunts but someone told me no, then they asked for them and felt so bad!!! but Syd came through. love ya'll

Becky said...

I don't even want to be around Sydney after she sees this today...sorry, Em. Sydney is the odunt queen. You have other great qualities.

By the way, the family pictures are AMAZINGLY beautiful. Naturally.

~sydney~ said...

Comment left by the ODUNT QUEEN

Amanda said...

Sorry Em, there was no stopping SdyJo! Take comfort in the fact that you were the only one other than me that Audrey would go to!!!

the ladner family said...

yes i took great comfort in that!