Monday, October 13, 2008

We're Back!!!

I reckon I've kept you waiting long enough to hear about their first birthday party. First let me tell everyone who came how much we enjoyed getting to spend time with y'all. Even if it was only for a few hours; the twins will always remember that you were there to celebrate such a special event with them. Okay, maybe not. But we will always tell them about all the wagon rides to the cotton patch and they can look at pictures and know you were there! We had a blast the week of their birthday. Daddy and Nelda came the day before their birthday and brought Hannah and Matthew along. They gave the twins their birthday present early so they could enjoy it. I don't think that daddy really thought it out to well though! Had he known how many miles he would end up pulling the children in that wagon, he might of made them wait till the party to open it! I'm just kidding. He had tons of fun pulling his grand babies around and I really appreciated how he occupied them for hours on end so I could get stuff done!
The day before their party Betsy, Buddy, Susan, Ronnie, Will, Harrison and Ma Maw came in. We had a house full. I'm so thankful that our land lord lets us use the empty house next door when we have lots of company. Other wise all the men would of had to pitch tents in the back yard! My mother and grandfather came in the day of the party and jumped right in to the craziness. Oh we had so much fun the day of the party! It was crazy and hectic and hardly no time to get to visit with anyone but it was nice just knowing everyone was here. At the party everyone kept telling me how nice things were and asking how in the world I got it all done with so much going on. My answer every time was "I had tons of people helping me". Seriously things would not have gone so smoothly nor would Jon and I have been in such a good mood and so relaxed. Having so much help really made the whole experience very enjoyable which is something I will always appreciate! Thanks you guys!
I decided to make James and Audrey's cakes myself since I made Hannah, Matthew and Allie's 1st b-day cakes. I wanted to keep the tradition going with my own kids! Mickey Mouse themed our party so of course their cakes were Mickey Mouse! Despite a few mishaps at the end (i.e. dropping one of them face down on the floor!) I am so glad I did it! I think they really enjoyed them!
We had a beautiful day for the party and I'm so glad we decided to have it in the back yard. We invited the whole church so with all the family and church family we had a crowd! We had cake, ice cream, rotel dip to eat and sweet tea and lemonade to drink. And I thought I was so smart delegating jobs to everyone. Like babysitter, errand runner, balloon blower upper, present wrapper, breakfast and lunch maker,tables and ice fetcher but old smarty pants here forgot the most important one: picture taker! Unfortunately taking pictures was somehow the last thing on my mind so I ended up with no pics of Jon and I with the twins and no pics of ME and my babies at their 1st party. And no pictures of them (well us) opening their presents. Thank you Susu for sending the one of me with their cakes! At least we'll know I was there! So, if anyone out there reading this has any pics they'd like to send me I'll gladly take them!
And the pictures you've all been waiting for............

More tales and pictures from the party next time!


su said...

I DO in fact have pics of you and Jon and the children-opening presents, etc. When I sent you those last night, I only sent a few, because I have so many that I was looking at thumbnail shots, and I couldn't see very well what I was sending cause I didn't want to take the time to before I sent them cause I wanted you to know I had them. Whew! Not to worry, you retain your Ms. Smarty Pants status. You're definitely a good dele(gator.)Yes, ya'll beat us, ok? It was a glorious day, and I'll never forget it. The vibe was sorta like your wedding day...very Steel Magnolia-ish.

the ladner family said...

wow, it looks like you all had a great pary for your children. i am glad harrison got to go. he hasn't stopped talking about it. every so often he will say, "i miss the twins..." but i got their toys at toys r us and i heard they got a few of those, so if you want to exchange them. Love the one of james at the end he looks like he is about to go into a diabetic coma!

Dianne said...

Welcome BAC-C-C-C-K-K-K, 'Manda,

Wow! What a busy time you've had but you NEVAH look "plussed". Always fresh and confident. I'd like to know how you manage THAT!

A birthday to treasure. I wasn't aware that you have cake decorator extraordinaire in your repertoire. What beautiful Mickey's and I LOVED James' finding lots more places than his mouth to slather the cake. How fun!

Again, Little Sister, I say, you have a family that EVERYone should...a modern version of The Waltons. Love to hear of your adventures with family.

Am looking forward to pictures to come. Thanks for sharing the day.

Love THIS much!

Emily said...

The cakes look great Manda! But all I could think when I looked at the first picture of you and the cakes was "oh, wow, black frosting . . . what a brave, brave woman!" ;) I make a huge mess with that stuff; I see the twins didn't disappoint with the messiness either! hehehe

Amanda said...

Emily and Z baby!!-I made the mistake when I made Hannah's mickey cake of making my own icing and dying it black with food coloring. THAT was awful! Everyone's teeth turned black and Betsy had to use some kind of special remedy to get it off Hannah's entire body!
This time bought the already made stuff in the hand dandy sqeeze tube and had NO problem with skin or teeth turning black!

~sydney~ said...

I've been dying to hear about the party of the year! From the pics we did get to was adorable! Have u ever considered going into the cake decorating business?? U r awesome!!!! Seriously!

Becky said...

Truly impressive cakes. So glad you kept the tradition alive! I know you've probably seen the sequence of pictures from Jon's first birthday cake, and those of BOTH babies are SO reminiscent. I'm so disappointed that we missed that special day. Thank you for allowing us this cool long distance version. Beast.
We missed you!

Emily said...

Hey Manda - Well, once again you maintain the Ms. Smarty Pants title! So much smarter than your dear old friend here! I should've known you thought about that before handing over two black-icing coated cakes to YOUR OWN babies! ;)

Ms. Robin said...

The party looked like SO much fun!
I am so sorry that we missed being there! I hope you got my message.......The "darlings" will be receiving a package in the mail soon from the "Howells".........
The pictures were reminiscent of parties that we had (many moons ago) for our children........You were there, remember????? Craziness was everywhere! Lots of wonderful memories !
We are sending LOTS of love from ALL of us in the big metropolis of Cary, Ga....
Hope to see you soon!
Ms. Robin

P.S. The "Howells" love the "Mizells"