Friday, October 17, 2008

Those Little Rascals

I left my plate of half-eaten peanut butter toast on the chair on morning to go answer the phone. While I was gone, the little rascals pulled the plate off the chair and had almost polished it off by the time I made it back. Boy howdy are they gettin fast!Like all children, he would rather play in the box that the toy came in than the actual toy! Look close and you can see her two bottom teeth.

Yes, she is reading and he is listening.


~sydney~ said...

Oh my word! You have the smartest, sweetest children in the whole wide world!!!! (of course we add harrison and isabella too but they're older so it doesn't count!

Becky said...

Oh, Amanda. That picture of Audrey reading to James is PRICELESS! Thanks for making me smile AGAIN

Dianne said...

Is Audrey wearing what appears to be cut-off shorts?

James' box-fort is SWEET! And, it's the truth. A box that brought a new appliance to our home was like Christmas to my boys.

I think Sydney made a comment about James & Audreys' closeness...always with each other, sometimes all over each other. What a bond these two angels will have.

Precious Babies! Love getting to visit.

Gods' blessings poured over your lives daily.

Sis. Gail from Camp Creek said...

Amanda, your babies are just so beautiful. I love the way they sit down with their little legs bent back--that looks painful--but they are so limber. I guess at one time I could do that. Again, let me say, that your entries are so beautifully written, and I enjoy them so much. I love the pictures and videos, too. It's so great to see that your precious little family is growing and thriving. Thanks be to God for that. Tell Bro. Jon I said hello, and kiss those babies for me. Love, Sis. Gail