Thursday, May 15, 2008

Why children should come with warning labels!
WARNING! Child could start flipping over and scooting at any moment. Be cautious of anything in their path that's not stuffed.
As you've probably already figured out, Audrey proudly received (well, not really) her first goose egg this week. She rolled/scooted her way over to the short, blue swing and banged her head a few times on the metal supports. She was trying to reach the chair part on the swing and was having to reach up above her head so it must have been to much for her to hold her head for very long. Poor baby. If I was a good mother I would have already wrapped those metal things in foam! One day the child was rolling over a few times a day; then outta no where she started doing it EVERY time you put her on her back. And once she figured out she could roll from stomach to back then back to stomach, there was (is) no stopping her. She works really hard at it too, trying her best to push up on those knees and crawl. Oh my goodness. Just when I thought life was getting easier they go and get mobile. James is turning over more and more these days too, just not as much as little sissy. He loves to watch her do all the work.

They are now caged like little monkeys!

We sleep on our tummy now!

He's almost as long as the changing table!


the ladner family said...

Harrison said "awhhh look the boy rubbed Audrey's hand! I think they love each other!" That is so cute. Do you position them like that or they just get to were they can see each other?

Amanda said...

I always lay them on their backs side by side. Now that they are moving around so much you never know how they will end up!
Harrison is right, they do love each other. They are constantly touching each other and laughing at each other!

Dana said...

How PRECIOUS!! By the way, you may never get foam on the metal parts of that swing but that certainly doesn't make you a bad mother! Just a very very very busy one!

su said...

A-h-h-h-h-h-h-h, poor little Audrey. (and poor Mama). We just love the movie. hearing their little voices...too much.

the ladner family said...

james looks so big on that table! jon makes that same exact facial expression!