Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh, give it to me..........

Poor bubby's gums have really been giving him a fit lately AND both of the twins are VERY interested in anything you drink or eat. I let them hold Coke cans or water bottles when I'm drinking one and they just love it. At Hannah's party mama was drinking a Pepsi and James kept reaching for it so she finally let him grab it and it eventually made it into his mouth (don't worry, she wiped it off). I guess the coldness of it felt so good to his aching gums. He sat in her lap like that for a long time, just sucking on the Pepsi can. Every now and then he'd take it out, examine it, then put it back in his mouth!

We had a wonderful time at my sister's last week but again, the time just flew by. When it was time to leave Friday I couldn't believe it. It felt like we had just gotten there. Betsy and I traded kids a few times, which was a nice way to change things up! I got to experience what my life will be like a year from now and 3 years from now. She learned what it was like to have twins. We canceled out each other's groaning with that trade I do believe!

Hannah turned 4 last Thursday and we had a great party. James and Audrey really enjoyed their first birthday party, they were totally in the zone but that could be because I let them nap from 5-6 so they wouldn't be too grouchy. I want everyone to think I have two of the most well behaved 7 month olds out there!

Hannah had a Princess party so she had crowns for all the little girls to wear and Audrey loved hers! But the party hat, not so much.

How strange it was to see Shannon holding my babies. I remember when she was the cutest little chunky monkey around and my sister had to play the airplane game with her to get ear to eat her baby food! Now she is holding MY babies and getting married in September.

My Aunt Janice (or Granny Jany) had one of the twins in her arms from the time she got there till the time they left! Her and Uncle Kiah were so excited to see them;it was the first time I've gone home with the twins since they got out of the hospital and there were alot of people there to see them! It is fun to hear people who saw them in the NICCU exclaim how big they are now.
See how James sorta has one eyebrow cocked up higher than the other? That is his new thing. He doesn't do it often so it is hilarious when he does do it!


Anonymous said...

We miss y'all so much!! Hannah and Matthew have been talking about Jamesy and Audrey non-stop since you left and everytime we get in the car now, Matthew says "Go Ma-Mae's van!" Hannah is having a very hard time tonight without Pinkie. She cries, then laughs when I tell her Audrey has her in her mouth and is saying "GA!" Love you! Aunt Bets

su said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! I'm so glad your cousins got to come to your princess party, and you are the prettiet 4 year old princess I've ever seen.