Thursday, May 29, 2008

Time for Safety
This morning I woke to a rustling noise coming from the monitor followed by baby babble. I knew rustling noises were not good since they don't have toys in their beds and no one was up yet to give them any. So I wandered in there to find my son chewing on the cords to the monitor that had been stratigically placed in the far left corner of his bed (notice it is now in the right corner) to ward off such an incident. Oh well, it was the thought that counts, right? Oh and I also caught Audrey chewing on the antena to her's so I guess we are gonna have to find another place for them. Now I am gonna loose some sleep the next few nights until I get adjusted to the fact that it will still pick up their every breath outside of the crib!

Audrey is SUCH a monkey. Yesterday they both started sitting up in the swing and this morning I found her hanging over the edge of it. She does that in her bumbo seat too. It's like she knows she is confined to that space and tries to get out of it. She does not like to be still, not for a moment. Now I can't leave them in the swing because just as soon as I do James will topple out onto his head and Audrey will be crawling over the side and sliding down the pole!

Here's some more pics from the weekend in Macclenny.


the ladner family said...

they get mobile so fast! That is so funny. But the monitors do work! I promise.

su said...

Wow. Just when you think you (parents) can sweetly slumber the kiddos are like "not so fast "... WE ARE HERE..Hey, and they still find a way to remind you forever. That AudreyBabyDoll has got personality plus! I guess our babyboydoll will be the wind beneath her wings ,huh?

Anonymous said...

Hey - remember when Hannah started flipping herself out of her bouncy seat? Before Hannah got mobil I couldn't WAIT for her to roll over/crawl/walk.....then I realized my mistake. Cute as it means 100X the work for good ol' mom! Anyway...if they're able to pull themselves up that well in the swing now, they're probably ready for the play station....have you tried them in it yet? Love me tomorrow...we leave for VA. Kiss my babies!! Love you...Aunt Bets